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Monday, 2 October 2017

Are Black Men Obsessed With Female Pursuit More Compared To Other Races Of Men?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. Now, with this question, if I were to be completely honest, it's a bit risky for me to talk about OPENLY and discuss based on the fact that, other than some people being DISHONEST towards this, I might receive some backlash from people, with this being based two things with that being RACE & ETHNICITY and social dynamics between MEN & WOMEN, specifically the BLACK MEN in this group or my "BROTHERS" as a better way of saying it, since it's based on us and about us as MEN and the way some, if not a lot of us commonly behave and act when it comes to women, BLACK WOMEN especially and particular, HOWEVER some of the WHITE & NON-BLACK WOMEN here in this group could probably testify and affirmto this through their experiences when it comes to SOCIALIZING WITH BLACK MEN. With no intent to bash, ridicule, shame, mock and throw all my black brothers under the bus, and no meaning to come across as I'm generalizing all of us, putting us all into one category and trying to reiterate and reinforce one of the stereotype that has been placed on us by people and society, so if you know you're an exception to this and if it doesn't apply to you, please don't bother getting upset, but at the same time , let us as BLACK MEN have a HONEST, GENUINE and SINCERE CONVERSATION about this. With this, what inspired this was the fact that I overheard another brother talking about this and how he feels that in the BLACK COMMUNITY with BLACK MEN, it tends to be a bit of a major issue, if not a whole lot of major issue, even though this can apply to MEN in general, REGARDLESS OF RACE & ETHNICITY, so I just want to bring it up for discussion myself to see what you guys think. Without further ado, brothers, the question is this:
When it comes to the terms of the BLACK COMMUNITY, with this being BLACK PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD, do you think that us as BLACK MEN are OBSESSED with CHASING DOWN & PURSUING WOMEN for WHATEVER IT IS whether it be for SEX, in which is the MOST COMMON THING to do it for, DATING, RELATIONSHIPS or even MARRIAGE, to the point of where in which it's seen as being COMPULSORY, MANDATORY or an EXPECTATION to do so compared to OTHER RACES & ETHNIC COMMUNITIES? Or in other words, do you think us as BLACK MEN are OBSESSED with it to the point of where in which if you're a BLACK MAN that's not into that, you're LOOKED AT DIFFERENTLY, SEEN, JUDGED & LABELLED as being WEIRD and STRANGE, and even get OSTRACIZED, CHASTISED & MARGINALIZED from the BLACK COMMUNITY for it compared to OTHER RACES & ETHNIC COMMUNITIES? Also, do you think BLACK WOMEN or WOMEN IN GENERAL as of that matter, with that going back to MEN IN GENERAL, are so used to it, to the point of where in which, if you don't do it towards them, they feel INSULTED by it?
P.S I'm sorry to bring up race and ethnicity, but it was a topic that I overheard someone speak on that resonated with me and that I agree with them on, so I thought it be best to be HONEST, SINCERE and OPEN about this, so for the BLACK MEN & BLACK WOMEN in this group, please don't bother with this and get upset about this, but at least try to be HONEST and REAL about this
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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Do Women Today Really Value "Strong" Men?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. ANYBODY can answer it. Now, with this, other than the fact it's based on social dynamics between MEN & WOMEN, it's also based on something that might be hard to talk about, discuss and admit the truth on if you were to be honest, especially and more in particular for us MEN, with it being the fact that it's something that people in general, with that being WOMEN THEMSELVES & OTHER MEN, have noticed about MEN over the years and have CRITICIZED MEN about in recent years. With this, some people, the MEN in this group especially while also some of the WOMEN in the group may get offended as well, may disagree with this, may try and REFUTE this, in which I personally don't have a problem or issue with, or some of you may even take offence to this, so if it doesn't apply to you, don't bother getting upset, but at the same time, let's have a HONEST, SINCERE & GENUINE CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS. This is MAINLY coming from my observation. Without further ado, the question is this:
When it comes to the terms of the EMASCULATION, FEMINIZATION and MARGINALIZATION of MEN in the WESTERN WORLD or WESTERN SOCIETY today, with that being something that a lot of people talk about when it comes to the MEN of TODAY, linking that in and with WOMEN & RELATIONSHIPS currently today, I tend to notice that a lot of the MEN that some if not a lot of WOMEN are in relationships with or even married to, are either very EFFEMINATE or DOCILE, not just on the terms how they act, behave or function within the relationship, with that coming in the form of allowing the WOMAN to LEAD, DOMINATE & CONTROL the relationship, them being SUBMISSIVE to the WOMAN, them letting the WOMAN tell them what to do and them letting the WOMAN disrespect them, walk over them or treat them any way or how, and have LOW SELF-ESTEEM, but more so on the terms of how they carry themselves as people, on the terms of the fact that they BEHAVE like WOMEN, they CARRY THEMSELVES WOMEN, they ACT LIKE WOMEN and at times they even THINK LIKE WOMEN, rather than with MEN that are still in touch with their MASCULINITY, a lot of times, they're single and not in a relationship or married and WOMEN don't give them that much attention, even though some of them will chase and pursue women.
If that is the case, do you think that WOMEN today don't really want MEN who are "STRONG" and in touch with their MASCULINITY as much as they say or claim that they do, or as much as it's their supposed nature to?
Please, be as honest as you can.
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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Are Today's Parents Active When Comes To Teaching Their Children Relationship & Marriage Morals & Values?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. ANYBODY can answer it. With this question, it applies mainly to people who are PARENTS and people who have CHILDREN, but if you're not in that position, but have experienced this while growing up as a child and teenager in the past and want to share some light on it, you can go ahead and answer it. This is based on relationships, but when talking about this in particular, not many people really talk about this and link it b...ack to this. With this, some people will probably disagree with this, so if you do and can easily refute this, it's fine. Without further ado, the question is this:

When it comes to RELATIONSHIPS today, and when it comes to the epidemic of PEOPLE DEVALUING "GOOD" PEOPLE, more in particular with MEN not, respecting, valuing, appreciating, or even giving attention to GOOD & DECENT WOMEN, and WOMEN not doing the same and exact thing to MEN, as some if not a lot of people today complain about, do you think that a partial reason, a major reason or contribution to that stems from the fact that SOME if not a lot of PARENTS in today's society and today's generation aren't really active when it comes to INSTILLING IN THEIR CHILDREN THE VALUE & MORAL OF KNOWING HOW TO IDENTIFY GOOD & DECENT PEOPLE WHO HAVE QUALITIES THAT MAKE THEM COMPATIBLE FOR RELATIONSHIPS & MARRIAGES and HOW TO RESPECT & APPRECIATE THEM while growing up into ADULTS?

The reason of why I'm asking this is based on the fact that I notice that some if not a lot of PARENTS today, aren't really active when it comes to guiding, teaching and preparing their children for finding the right person who is COMPATIBLE for them when the time is right, and who is GOOD & DECENT for them, on the terms of the fact they RESPECT THEM & TREAT THEM WITH DECENCY.

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Ouestion For Women: How Would You React To Your Boyfriend Or Husband Watching Pornography & Masturbating?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. With this, it's based on a topic that a lot of people, would preferably want to discuss or open up about in confidentiality, based off of the fact that some, if not a lot of people, would see it as being a very UNCOMFORTABLE thing to talk about, with some people even feeling DISGUSTED or REVOLTED with it and by it, especially if it's the case of where in which they're dealing with this as a personal issue or struggle, with ...this, in reality being very applicable to MEN due to the fact MEN do tend to be into this more rather than WOMEN, as STATISTICALLY it has proven that, but at the same time, there are people that do talk about this in the OPEN when looking at it directly and looking at on how it destroys relationships, marriages and even love, as people say that it does. This is MAINLY for the WOMEN in the group, but the MEN can put in insight from OUR perspective, especially if you're the type of WOMAN that has had a significant other that has had an issue with it, and especially if you're that type of MAN that has dealt with this as an issue while being in a relationship or while being married. Without further ado, to the LADIES, the question is this:

Let's just say that it's the case scenario to where in which you're in a relationship with or you're married to a MAN who has a habit or addiction, more rather, of WATCHING PORNOGRAPHY & MASTURBATION, in which you don't know about and have never came across, and one day while coming back home from work, you catch him out in the act of watching it while masturbating, how would you REACT to it, what would be you're INTUITION towards it, or what would you do and what action would you take in order to make sure that it doesn't have a negative impact on your relationship or marriage, more so that it doesn't destroy it?

The reason of why in which I'm asking this is based on the fact when talking about MEN in RELATIONSHIPS & MARRIAGES, PORNOGRAPHY & MASTURBATION ADDICTIONS, from what I personally see, we don't really hear about the perspective of WOMEN who are in relationships or who are married to MEN who have or are currently battling and struggling with it as an issue, and if so, not enough so I just want to know how the WOMEN feel about from their perspective, so LADIES, tell me how you feel about it if you were in that position or situation

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Question For Men: Would You Continue A Friendship Or Relationship With An Ex-Promiscuous Woman?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. This, if you were to be honest, a lot times does tend to be an instinctively uncomfortable situation for some people, us MEN especially and more in particular, and there does tend to be an ongoing debate of whether or not we should take this into consideration when being in situations like this, or when wanting to move forward into the future while resolving a problem like this. This is the type of situation to where in whi...ch the average person, a lot of people or society as a whole would be very JUDGEMENTAL, CRITICAL and even CONDEMNING towards other people, WOMEN especially, with there being an OBVIOUS and WELL-KNOWN DOUBLE STANDARD to this and this, to some of us MEN might be a common question that pops up from time to time, so if you're not surprised by this question coming up, that's fine. This is MAINLY for the MEN in the group, but if the WOMEN want to put down insight from THEIR perspective, they can GO AHEAD and answer the question. Without further ado, the question is this:

For the MEN, lets just say it's the case scenario of where in which meet a WOMAN who, on the terms of PERSONALITY, CHARACTER & SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, has caught your attention and as a result, has made you want to try and pursue a FRIENDSHIP or more so RELATIONSHIP with her. However, during the process of meeting up with her, getting to know her on a personal level, building up a FRIENDSHIP & RELATIONSHIP with her, she decides to OPEN UP to you about her past and reveals to you that she used to be EXTREMELY PROMISCUOUS, on the terms of the fact that she was very HYPER-ACTIVE when it came to SEX, she SLEPT AROUND WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE, she had a MULTIPLE NUMBER OF SEX PARTNERS, & she had sex with a NUMEROUS AMOUNT OF MEN, taking into consideration the fact that she claims to be "CHANGED" person, would you OVERLOOK THAT & STILL TRY TO PURSUE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER, or would you LOOK AT HER DIFFERENTLY, FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THAT CONFESSION and as a result, CUT OFF THE FRIENDSHIP or SOON-TO-BE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER because of that?

Be HONEST as you possibly can, please

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