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Friday, 13 April 2018

Things I Would Tell My Son As A Father

Son, don't put yourself in front of a non-communication barrier and don't put it as an obstacle in front of you towards communication. As men, we have the tendency to that, and truth be told, it's not doing us any good at all. Son, there is nothing wrong opening up, being transparent and showing emotion. If you get the intuition to do it, do it whenever you have the chance. Yes, some people might judge you and see you as being weak for showing emotion but, in reality you're not. It takes strength to show emotion and by that you are inspiring other men don't have the courage to do it as well.

Son, don't try and masquerade yourself by trying to put on a "hyper-masculine" or "alpha male" persona. Just be yourself and stay true to who you are. Don't worry about people judging you for being yourself. They won't have the strength that you have in order to be yourself.

Son, be a leader in this society and in this generation and not a follower. Do not be weak and behave a like coward as it seems as if many men are doing today. We need to be strong to the point of where we end this war on masculinity that's being put, placed and enforced on us and I'm going to train you on that. I'm also going to be the one that's going to train you to be a leader in this society and generation.

Son, don't pursue women with the mindset of thinking that your worth is determined in and through them. That's is something that society will try and tell you and instill in you as you grow up, with that being that a man is unvaluable without a woman in his life, that he needs a woman in order to validate himself and that if he's not in a relationship or or not married ,Son, you are a man and you are valuable, regardless of whether you have a woman by your side or not.

Son, no matter how much woman annoys, irritates you, aggravate or does something to provoke you in anyway possible, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, lower yourself to her standard and disrespect her by insulting her, calling her or referring to her as a "bitch". Calling a woman a "bitch" is wrong, PERIOD!!! Don't fall into the trap of people thinking that it's cool to call a woman a "bitch". It's not at all.It's wrong, silly, foolish, immature, childish, uncalled for and unnecessary.  Try your best to maintain your respect towards a woman, even if she comes across as if she doesn't deserve it based off of her personality and character . Control your temper when it comes to women. If you call a woman by that term, regardless of who she is, I will take disciplinary action with you.

Son, always put God, your personal development and your education first. Don't ever place anything else above it. Do not place the image, physical appearance, materialism or women above it especially. That will only project signs of insecurity, low self-esteem and no self-worth.

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