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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Why Are Some Men Afraid Of Commitment?

In this article and write-up, I'm going to be discussing, talking about and explaining the reasons of why in which some men are afraid of commitment when it comes to civil partnerships, in essence relationships and marriages, with this being something that some, if not a lot of women tend to either always question lot of the time, be concerned about when it comes to seeking out for companionships with men, or if not even be a bit frustrated, irritated, complain and moan about in that regard while they are looking for serious and devoted of forms of relationships and marriages. This is something that some, if not a lot of women have also always wanted to know the answer to, and hear us men explain ourselves for it, so this is just my personal theory on it that I'm going to break down and explain.

Now, before I get into it, as a lot of people should know, I just want to say that it's not just men out there that are afraid of commitment, meaning that you have women out there that are afraid of commitment as well, however, to speak for the men, due to the fact that I am one and due to it being a little bit more of a common feeling and intuition within the male community to feel this way, especially and more in particular with the men of today's generation that are going through a growing epidemic of where in which a majority of them don't want to get married, feel apathetic towards marriage, are now trying to avoid it, as well as dating and long-term relationships, of in which I have talked about before, or are now starting to realize, from their point of view, that they don't have to desire a relationship or marriage.

Firstly, to start off, on the terms of why in which some men are afraid of being committed to a woman, for the sake of not trying to come across as if I'm generalising and as if I'm trying putt all men in one category due to the fact that it's not all men who are afraid of commitment, but with the ones that are afraid of commitment and try to avoid it, with a lot of them, they realize that it takes time, responsibility, with that arguably being the biggest thing that they fear, effort, stress, sacrifice & compromise being in a committed relationship with a woman and being devoted to a woman. That is something that they've more likely never been trained for and never been taught how to do when it comes to relationships and marriages, so due to that, whenever they hear the term "commitment" come from the mouth of a woman, they fear it instantly and immediately and associate it with something bad and something to be cautious about.

To go further down the line, with a lot of them, on the terms of their childhood, they either grew up in a home with no father-figure to look up to for that relationship and marriage preparation, or they did but the father didn't teach them any relationship or marriage morals and values, especially with one of them being commitment, or taught them the wrong things. So what happens is that when they grow up, when they are at an age of where in which you would expect them to want and find a relationship or marriage, and a woman approaches them and talks about how she wants a serious, devoted & committed relationship, they get scared of that because they know that they were never taught how to do that or be that, and if they do enter a relationship or marriage with the expectation from the woman to be committed, they know they're not good enough for that or can never be that, so as a result, they panic and run.

Another reason of why in which some men are afraid of commitment, even though with this being something that is a lot of times more common with women when it comes to relationships, people tend to forget that it applies to men also as well, is due to the fact that some of them let other men, whether it be friends, colleagues or older male role models who have had bad experiences in relationships and marriages influence them to become reluctant to a relationship or marriage.

Another reason of why in which some men are afraid of commitment is due to the fact that some of them witness how relationships and marriages have destroyed and messed up the lives of some other men, especially and more in particular with men that they personally know, and then from there, they let it change their perception and view of relationships and marriages, so as a result they become afraid of it, due to thinking that if they're not careful, it could be them in the mutual situation.

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