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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Question For Men: Would You Continue A Friendship Or Relationship With An Ex-Promiscuous Woman?

Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. This, if you were to be honest, a lot times does tend to be an instinctively uncomfortable situation for some people, us MEN especially and more in particular, and there does tend to be an ongoing debate of whether or not we should take this into consideration when being in situations like this, or when wanting to move forward into the future while resolving a problem like this. This is the type of situation to where in the average person, a lot of people or society as a whole would be very JUDGEMENTAL, CRITICAL and even CONDEMNING towards other people, WOMEN especially, with there being an OBVIOUS and WELL-KNOWN DOUBLE STANDARD to this and this, to some of us MEN might be a common question that pops up from time to time, so if you're not surprised by this question coming up, that's fine. This is MAINLY for the MEN in the group, but if the WOMEN want to put down insight from THEIR perspective, they can GO AHEAD and answer the question. Without further ado, the question is this:

For the MEN, lets just say it's the case scenario of where in which meet a WOMAN who, on the terms of PERSONALITY, CHARACTER & SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, has caught your attention and as a result, has made you want to try and pursue a FRIENDSHIP or more so RELATIONSHIP with her. However, during the process of meeting up with her, getting to know her on a personal level, building up a FRIENDSHIP & RELATIONSHIP with her, she decides to OPEN UP to you about her past and reveals to you that she used to be EXTREMELY PROMISCUOUS, on the terms of the fact that she was very HYPER-ACTIVE when it came to SEX, she SLEPT AROUND WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE, she had a MULTIPLE NUMBER OF SEX PARTNERS, & she had sex with a NUMEROUS AMOUNT OF MEN, taking into consideration the fact that she claims to be "CHANGED" person, would you OVERLOOK THAT & STILL TRY TO PURSUE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER, or would you LOOK AT HER DIFFERENTLY, FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THAT CONFESSION and as a result, CUT OFF THE FRIENDSHIP or SOON-TO-BE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER because of that?

Be HONEST as you possibly can, please

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