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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ouestion For Women: How Would You React To Your Boyfriend Or Husband Watching Pornography & Masturbating?

Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. With this, it's based on a topic that a lot of people, would preferably want to discuss or open up about in confidentiality, based off of the fact that some, if not a lot of people, would see it as being a very UNCOMFORTABLE thing to talk about, with some people even feeling DISGUSTED or REVOLTED with it and by it, especially if it's the case of where in which they're dealing with this as a personal issue or struggle, with ...this, in reality being very applicable to MEN due to the fact MEN do tend to be into this more rather than WOMEN, as STATISTICALLY it has proven that, but at the same time, there are people that do talk about this in the OPEN when looking at it directly and looking at on how it destroys relationships, marriages and even love, as people say that it does. This is MAINLY for the WOMEN in the group, but the MEN can put in insight from OUR perspective, especially if you're the type of WOMAN that has had a significant other that has had an issue with it, and especially if you're that type of MAN that has dealt with this as an issue while being in a relationship or while being married. Without further ado, to the LADIES, the question is this:

Let's just say that it's the case scenario to where in which you're in a relationship with or you're married to a MAN who has a habit or addiction, more rather, of WATCHING PORNOGRAPHY & MASTURBATION, in which you don't know about and have never came across, and one day while coming back home from work, you catch him out in the act of watching it while masturbating, how would you REACT to it, what would be you're INTUITION towards it, or what would you do and what action would you take in order to make sure that it doesn't have a negative impact on your relationship or marriage, more so that it doesn't destroy it?

The reason of why in which I'm asking this is based on the fact when talking about MEN in RELATIONSHIPS & MARRIAGES, PORNOGRAPHY & MASTURBATION ADDICTIONS, from what I personally see, we don't really hear about the perspective of WOMEN who are in relationships or who are married to MEN who have or are currently battling and struggling with it as an issue, and if so, not enough so I just want to know how the WOMEN feel about from their perspective, so LADIES, tell me how you feel about it if you were in that position or situation

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