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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Relationship Advice To Women, PT2: Never Equate Confidence & Self-Esteem To Protection & Security From A Man

In this article and in this write-up, with it preceding to the previous one that I wrote on here before on this same and exact topic, and with it being unexpected as well, I'm going to be doing what the photo entails in which is to give women relationship advice that I feel as if will be very useful and beneficial for them to take heed of for the future.
Now, just to refresh people's memory and for those of you who are reading this now who didn't or haven't yet come across or even read the first and previous write-up of this and linked to this, in that write-up, in brief summary terms, I talked about how when searching and looking out for a relationship or a potential partner and mate, women should avoid going for and giving time to men who are overconfident in themselves, men who are very arrogant, boastful and prideful of themselves, and men who are very playful and flirtatious them with the reason being that when it comes getting into and entering relationships with them, or more so when the relationship get tested and goes through its turbulent times, a lot of times, they won't be the men that can do what they're naturally supposed to or be expected of doing generically speaking, with that coming in the form of being loyal to them, being faithful to them, being emotionally available and supportive of them, being advisory of them, being able to protect them, being able to provide for them, and being able to be a leader for them and guide them in a relationship.
Now, in this write-up, with this being something that's on my mind heavily, staying on the topic of confidence and self-esteem and using it as the basis for this, to go a little bit more in-depth with it, even though this doesn't apply to all women, with the fact being that this is coming from my personal observations and from what I've personally noticed, although some people could disagree with this and argue against, in which I don't have a problem with, but when talking to, communicating with, having conversations and discussions with, or hearing women talk about the traits and qualities that they like or desire in a man, more in particular when it comes women saying that they want a man who has a high level of confidence or a high level of self-esteem, of in which as I said in the last and previous write-up, is a trait that women find very attractive in a man and that women expect us to have when it comes to catching their attention, there tends to be a common pattern or continuation, in which I would and now personally label as being a misconception, of where in which I hear a lot of them, if not most of them link it with the trait of protection and security, on the terms of the fact that straight after saying that, they'll say, mention or claim that they want to know that they can you keep them protected and secured. In basic terms, a lot of women while also some men being influenced by that have created this formula or equation of where in which they correlate confidence and self-esteem with protection and security, meaning that they think that the more confident a man is, the more likely he is to keep them protected and secure in all or every aspect of a relationship, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially, or even sexually.
Ladies, I'm here to tell you that that isn't the case and that is further from truth. Even though there's a small molecule of a correlation of it based on the fact that you do need a degree of self-confidence to get through a lot of things, if not everything in life, whether it comes in the form of being successful in school, university, job, work, healthy friendships, personal goals and more, you need to get and understand the obvious fact that self-esteem and security are two different things that don't go hand in hand. There is not much of a correlation between a person's level of self-assurance and their ability to keep you safe. Just because a man or a person period is very confident and self-assured in himself or themselves, that doesn't mean they have the ability to keep you guarded and grounded in every way possible.
Applying that to women and them pursuing relationships with men, you have men out there who are and appear very confident, if not overconfident and have a very high level of self-esteem, but yet they on the terms of their personal lives, they don't have a job, they live with their mother and/or father, they're still living off their parents, they're very uneducated, when it comes to women all they just do is play their emotions, take advantage of them, use them abuse them and then disregard them and then you have men out there who when looking at them or by looks of it, don't really seem very confident in themselves based off of the fact that they're very introverted, in which in some cases is a bit of a common judgement and perception that introverted people in general get and recieve, with that including women as well, and they don't seem to really have much of a social life and that big of a social circle, but yet they're stable and they have their stuff together on the terms of the fact they're very independent, they're very responsible, they have a job and work, they're very educated and well-informed, they're very wise, they're very selfless and considerate when it comes to other people, especially with women, they're very understanding, they know what it takes cater to a woman and how to treat a woman and so on forth. So in basic terms, never link and correlate the two when looking for a man. They are two completely different things.

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