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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

My Apporach Towards Dr Umar Johnson's Stance On Interracial Dating, Interracial Relationships & Interracial Marriage

In this article and in this write-up, I'm going to be giving an approach and putting down an opinion towards a world-known public figure's stance on an arguably controversial topic. The public figure goes by the name of Dr Umar Johnson, who for those of you who don't know, is an African-American doctor of clinical psychology and certified school psychologist, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who has a specialty, profession and job occupation in working with African-American parents whose children receive special educational treatment from public schools and that are diagnosed with behavioral disorders. As a part of his job and line of work, he travels all around the U.S.A and the world to give lectures that serve the purpose of educating, informing and awakening the spirit of people of African descent. Other than his most notable skill with that being an orator and educator, he is also a book author, political scientist, and pan-African nationalist. He also is and claims to be a blood relative and generational descendant of the great historical figure, abolitionist and freedom fighter that existed and lived throughout the times of African-American enslavement known as Fredrick Douglass.
Now, knowing that he does have a mixed reception from the public, not only based on his views and opinions on certain social issues that pertain to the black community, even though it can be applied to people in general, but also how he handles his profession and comes across as a person, on the terms of the fact that while some people admire him, look up to him and see him as being a leader and role model for the black community, you have some people out there that question and put his credentials into judgement and assessment, with that being the fact that he has six college or university degrees. You have some people out there that call him and label him as being a fraud and imposter, on the terms of the fact that they claim that Umar Johnson isn't his real name, with it allegedly being Jermaine Shoemake, in which he has personally claimed that while at a young age, before the age of nine, he was named Jermaine before his parents changed it to Umar. You have some people that call him a crook and thief on the terms of the fact that he claims he's building a school for young black boys, and while donations have supposedly gone out towards him, they supposedly haven't seen any physical proof of a school being built, any form of business or architecture paperwork in which entails that a school is being built, in which suggest to people that he is cunningly stealing money off of black people's donations due to that. You have some people that see him as being conceited, arrogant and narcissistic on the terms of how he comes across personally and as an individual, in which to some extent, I will agree and affirm to as being a very unattractive trait he has, based off the fact that he is very roister and self-indulged, due to him talking in third-person a lot of times and proclaiming himself with names such as "The Prince Of Pan-Africanism", "BIG POPA" and "King Kong Consciousness". You have some people, with this including some black people themselves other than just white people, that label him as a racist based off of how he talks about white people, how he percieves them and how he makes them out to be.
Now, other than his views and stances on topics that at times, do cause controversy and get publicly, whether it be racism, homosexuality, entertainment, relationships, religion, politics, economics, business and more, there is one topic that he has a stance on that, although he has talked about and reiterated before numerous times previously and in the past, his recent reiteration of it made headlines on social media due to a recent interview he did on one of the most popular, watched, listened and tuned in radio stations for entertainment in the U.S. or the whole world as of that matter with that being "Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club", in which he has been interviewed on before, with it being twice, with the hosts of the show known as DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlemagne Tha God. The topic discussed in that interview that mainly made him a trend on social media for recent time is his view on interracial dating, interracial relationships, and interracial marriage.
Now, with interracial dating, interracial relationships and interracial marriage, knowing that it's a topic that although in certain societies, especially in places like the U.S.A and U.K, have either started to accept it or fully accepted it socially speaking, it still gets a mixed reception in certain cases on the terms of the fact while some people don't have a problem or issue with it, some people do and feel uncomfortable to the case of where in which they feel as if it shouldn't be allowed, especially for their offspring, whether it be children, family members and relatives, and there are still some instances of where in which it's against the law to marry someone of another race or different ethnicity in certain countries, in which with that, interlinking into topics like racism, discrimination and more .
Now, going to Dr Umar Johnson and his position on interracial dating, interracial relationships and interracial marriage in which he stated on the recent Breakfast Club interview he had, just so for those of you who don't know what his view on it is, he basically has a problem with it and feels as if black people, black men in particular, since they are into more on average than black women, should stay loyal, faithful and committed to the opposite gender of their own race. He feels as if black people have no need, no right and no business going to date outside of the race or community. He says that he can't respect a black person who says they're committed to the struggle that black people face on a daily basis socially, economically, politically and culturally but yet married to a woman of another race. He says the reason why he feels as if black men date and marry outside the race is because they have low self-esteem, self-hate and feel inferior to white men socially, politically and economically and wish they were them, so the only way to feel on the same level as them is if they marry their white female counterparts, due to the fact that that what they represent, with that being status, power and privilege.
On the terms of my approach towards that, If I'm completely and utterly honest and upfront, even though, regardless of what people say about him, how they currently perceive him and what they try and label him as or create him to be, I respect him on the terms of what he's doing or trying to do for the black community socially, politically, economically and culturally, with the fact being that I do learn new stuff from him that is very insightful, informative, educational and beneficial and as a result, he has turned into being somebody of influence for me, that's the only place where I really radically and aggressively disagree with him and have an issue with him on. This is based off of the fact even though he claims that it's disrespectful towards black women and black female children to participate in it knowing the history that black women have gone through, at the same time, with this coming from the perspective of a black person who prefers to date outside their race, I personally and mutually find it disrespectful for him to come across like that with the view he has on it.
For number one, he isn't in any position to say who a person should or shouldn't date, be in a relationship with or marry. It's their life, their freewill and their choice. He is also not in any position say that a black man doesn't have the right to be called or seen as a "MAN" just because he dates outside his race, in which is another ludicrous statement that he has made in the past towards black men in particular on the subject. It's also the case of where in which I feel as if he's being very bias and unobjective with his view on it, based on the fact that never gets on the black woman's contribution towards black men dating and marrying outside of their race, based off of the fact that he doesn't talk about black women causing black men to go outside the race, due to the fact that a lot of them, in their younger and primitive years, while being in high school prefer "thugs" or men with a very roughneck demeanor and disposition and don't value the supposed "Good" and decent men on the terms of the fact that they are nice, loving, respectful, ambitious, educated, intelligent, hard-working and more, so due to that, black men who are like that end up dating, being in a relationship and marrying outside of their race as a result, due to the fact that women of other races and ethnicities appreciate them more unlike Black Women, so in reality he needs to be getting on their case because they give contribution to it, instead of just jumping down on black men's case only. With that epidemic, it might or probably will be the case of where in which he doesn't even know about it and has probably never experienced it for himself. On the other hand, there's also a possibility that he might know about it but as a result of fear for how black women react to it if he's very harsh on them, he avoids talking about it. If he does get on their case, he will only do it on the terms of them teaching their sons and daughters to find European centric beauty attractive more than their natural beauty with that being Afrocentric beauty when they're younger, in which instills in them the belief that European features, in which is something that white women have, is more attractive than Afrocentric features, in which isn't enough in my personal opinion.
Another thing as well is that he needs to stop comparing us black men of today's society and generation to the black men of years and generations back. That's something that he always does that when the topic comes up for discussion. What exactly does the black men who lived during the civil rights era and the black men who lived during slavery have to do with us black men living in today's society and today's generation​?
Even though we do have connection with our ancestors on a biological sense due to the fact that we're related to them by blood, psychologically and consciously, we're not them on the terms of the times we're living in. With our ancestors and elder generations, they were living in different times, in different places, in different communities and different environments that made them who they were compared to us. With us, the time, place, community and environment that we're currently in is different so, as a result we're going to be made different due to that. In basic terms, we're not them and they're not us and he needs to stop treating us like we're that. Times are different now and he needs to get over himself

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