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Monday, 24 July 2017

Command Of Having Non-Interracial Associations: Is It The Same As Promoting Clear & Vivid Racism?

Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. With this, it's based on a topic that is much more serious compared to the ones that I've asked before, with it being something that people all over the world go through on a day-to-day basis, and with it being something that some, if not a lot of people tend to forget still exist. It might sound like a silly, nonsensical or obtuse question to ask and the answer to this might sound like an obvious "YES" but, actually thinking about it in depth, there's tends to be a bit of an ongoing debate on the terms of the fact that you have some people out there that "YES" to this and then you have some people out there that say "NO" to this. With this, we're all capable of experiencing this and being a victim, if some of us have or haven't already, and it's very applicable to the outline of this group being to embrace INTERRACIAL RELATIONS. It might or sound like a relatively common question as well when this topic gets brought for discussion as well. Without further ado, the question is this:
When it comes to RACISM or DISCRIMINATION based off of a person's RACE and ETHNICITY and when it comes to STAYING WITH YOUR OWN RACIAL COMMUNITY, do you that being told to STAY, BE LOYAL TO, BE COMMITTED TO, AND ALWAYS ASSOCIATE WITH PEOPLE OF YOUR OWN RACIAL AND ETHNIC COMMUNITY, especially and more in particular if your PARENTS, GUARDIANS, OLDER RELATIVES & MENTORS tell you that, whether it be on the terms of ACQUAINTANCES, FRIENDSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS or even MARRIAGE, is the same thing as or equates to PROMOTING RACISM or being DISCRIMINATORY towards someone based on RACE? In other words, is a person basically or automatically being RACIST by implying that?

1 comment:

  1. In my opinion, yes. They are being racist. They may admit it but it's exactly what it is. Being a person that has dated outside my race, I recognize the speak and the looks. The " what's wrong with your own kind" question. I'm not of the mindset that others races are all bad. There are people in my own race who are worse than what I've experienced with other races. It's not even debatable to me. You like who you like and who likes you. If they happen to have something as basic as a different skin be it. Love is love is love man!


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