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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Letter To My Future Wife

Dear Future Wife, 

I'm sorry to inform you about this but if you are out there in existence, I want to let you know that in all honesty, I'm turned off and turned away by meeting you and jumping into the potentially life-changing phase of marriage with you, based off of the way people are in this world and this society, especially and more in particular with people of your gender and sex, with no meaning or intention to come across as if I’m being  misogynistic, anti-female or sexist, or for it to be perceived as if I have some sort of deep-seated disdain, resentment or animosity towards women. The fact of the matter is that, a lot of people of your gender and sex are giving you a bad name for me personally, and I don't want that to affect my decision in looking for you, searching for, finding you and then eventually and marrying you, however the urge to go down a different route of life other than marriage is starting to gradually grow on me. This is just to tell you that there is a strong likelihood and possibility that might end up going my own way, meaning that we may end up never meeting each other, and if it's the case of where in which you end up feeling lonely, miserable and depressed because of this, then I'm deeply sorry and remorseful because of it.

Yours Sincerely


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