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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Insight For Men On Not Getting Married: One Potential Disadvantage Towards It

When it comes to the terms of marriage, even though or despite the fact we live in a society to where in which people don't value and embrace the real and true meaning of it as once before or compared to years and decades back, and although it's the case of where in which you have people out there that aren't really open towards it on the case of accepting as the next phase or a future endeavor and prospect of life, looking at that specifically from a gender standpoint,  when it comes to men being in that predicament or having that exact feeling and intuition as I described it, in which is unsurprisingly common among the male gender and sex, or within the male population and male community, and taking into consideration the fact that there now is a gradually growing epidemic of where fewer men are now becoming less intrigued or already have became uninterested in marriage now in the time that we currently live in, as according to certain studies, due to the fact that they realize or feel as if there's no benefit or favor for them due to the fact that they feel as if some women will only care about the benefits that they want, without taking them into consideration, or too much liability and legal responsibility will be placed on them and not as much on the woman, especially when it's not necessary, with that a lot of times being given more so from a financial, economical, governmental or judicial perspective or the reasons that men who feel that way, more in particular with the typical minded ones, give being based on that in a lot of times, while also some social and interpersonal reasons being blended into it and giving contribution to it as well at times, looking at it on the flip-side, or in other words looking at the other side of fence, if it's the case of where in which some people, men especially and more in particular, feel as if there are advantages to not getting married or better off not jumping into marriage, in which for some people there might be or could be the best option, on the terms of the disadvantages towards it, in which some might believe that there isn't, just to state, pick out, identify and explain one of them, although this can apply to women as well that are in this situation, and to bring in the aspect of spirituality and God for those of you who believe in it that are reading this right now, due to the fact that it's very applicable to that dynamic as well, if it's the case of where in which you're a man that God has called you to be a leader or you're that type of man that has shows, and demonstrates strong, vivid and innate leadership traits, if it's the case of where in which you know God has called you to build up, create and establish a platform or in Christian words, "ministry", of where you reach out to people, help people and deliver people out of their issues and problems that they deal with struggle with on a daily basis in life, touch, impact and change lives, or if you have the passion to do that and you have the idea of turning that passion into a business, company or organization that has the purpose, intent, aim and objective of doing that, and if it's the case of where in which God has called you to be married or you know you're supposed to get married but you don't want to, because believe it or not, there are some of you men out there that are like that, as result, you and your business or ministry will be at risk of having a hard-hitting effect of where in which you won't be as useful, sufficient, effective, influential and powerful as it's meant to be, as it has the potential of being or as God has called it to be. The reason of why I'm saying that is based on the fact that if or when it's the case of where in which you do build a platform, business or ministry of helping people, touching people and impacting people's lives, six to nine times out of ten, you are going to be helping people in many different aspects of life, meaning that you're are going to be touching on many topics that they need enlightenment, guidance, truth and revelation on, with arguably one the most common topics of all time that people might, want or actually needing that on being marriage, and if it's the case of where in which you're not married yourself, you won't be able to relate to them that much due to inexperience and as a result, you could potentially loose your following or audience due to that and people might not take you serious because of it. Another thing as well is  that taking the age factor into consideration, if it's the case of where in which you have fully built your ministry by an appropriate, suitable and mature age and if it's the case of where in which you're ready to function and be fully active in that, more likely on the terms of age group that you're audience will be in that needs guidance in that area, it will be around the estimated age range of 25 and over, and if you can't relate to them on that aspect, nothing effective will happen when trying to reach out to them to help them in that specific area. Another thing is that, to back up my point, when you look up at the men who are globally and universally respected seen as being role models, leaders and people who are or have significant influence and that have impacted and touched people's lives, a lot of times, they're married. That basically means that marriage not only validates your calling as a man of greatness, but also your business, organisation or ministry as a whole. If you don't, you and it will be lacking in that area. The more daunting thing about this is that I'm also talking to myself while saying this as well.

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