Domestic Violence. Celebrity Edition: Chris Brown vs. Solange Knowles. What Was The Difference? - Emmanuel Ale Life Info


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Friday, 30 June 2017

Domestic Violence. Celebrity Edition: Chris Brown vs. Solange Knowles. What Was The Difference?

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  1. When it comes to the terms of domestic violence or domestic abuse in relationships and marriages, knowing that it's a very serious and detrimental topic to talk about and knowing that people all over the world and people of all ages are and can go through and experience this, looking at it from a gender standpoint, knowing that the rate of men being the perpetrators and abusers and women being the victims is higher than the rate of women being the perpetrators and abusers and men being the victims, and knowing that there is a double standard that this society creates towards it on the terms of gender, on the terms of the fact that when a woman in seen being physically abusive towards her partner in any shape or form, people don’t really pay attention to it, but yet when a man is seen as being physically abusive towards his partner, it’s a serious problem and serious issue, when applying it to the celebrity world or the world of entertainment in that matter, knowing that there are a certain handful of celebrities who have had allegations of domestic violence and abuse, in this video, I focus on two incidents and altercations based on this that involved high-profile celebrities that received major media attention, but the outcomes of the incidents were different, more so with the way perpetrators in both incidents were treated, with one being male and one being female. The incidents come in the form of the notorious and infamous elevator incident between model, songstress and actress Solange Knowles, of in which is the younger sister of iconic and legendary R’N’B pop megastar BeyoncĂ© Knowles, and rap icon, hip-hop legend and mogul Jay-Z, in which took place in May of 2014, and the mutually and equally notorious and infamous altercation between R’N’B superstar and megastar singer Chris Brown and then-girlfriend and Pop superstar and megastar Rihanna back in 2009. In this video, I compare and contrast to see the similarities and the differences between both situations and evaluate to see why the outcomes of the situations involved the case of where both the celebrity perpetrators were treated differently by the media, the public and society. You might learn something from this. Hope you enjoy.


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