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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What Is Man's Worse Invention? Religion, Money, Borders Or Nuclear Weapons.

When it comes to the terms of the photo above, in which entails the question of “What is man’s worst invention?” and the choices of answers that it gives you, with it being religion, money, borders and nuclear weapons, if you were to be completely real and honest, that is a very tough and difficult question to answer, based on the fact that all of them are damaging to society in equal manner. However, ignoring the bottom two choices, with that being C and D, since I personally don’t know much both them, and focusing on the top two choices, or choice A and choice B, when it comes to religion and money being damaging to society in equal manner, religion damages society on the terms of some people using it as basis for an extreme motive, especially and more in particular if it's a political motive, to prove a point or to force people to be aware of something. It damages society on the terms of people who are involved in it giving it a bad name, by being hypocritical, contradictory and judgmental towards both other people involved in it and non-believers or non-religious people for better saying. It also damages society on the terms of not fully engaging with it, on the terms of relating to it, talking about and discussing things that happen and take place in it, with examples of that being social issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination against people of disabilities, epidemics that take place in certain communities such as abortion, homosexuality, rape, domestic violence and abusive relationships, mental health issues such as depression, bipolar and schizophrenia, suicide/suicidal thoughts, homelessness, poverty or even personal and internal issues that people struggle with and go through on a day-to-day basis, whether it be stuff such as self-esteem, insecurities, pressure, bullying, neglect, fear, abandonment, or addictions such as smoking, drinking, drugs pornography, masturbation, overeating or anything else, and delivering them away from it, other than just talking about the basic stuff that only applies to religion, with examples of that being things like the holy spirit, faith, the blood of Jesus, baptism, prayer, fasting, communion, sin, repentance, grace mercy, glory, sanctification, justification and more.

Secondly, with money, money damages society on the terms of the fact that, although it's important and an essential component for day-to-day human survival and living and it is one of the main things, if not the arguably biggest thing that makes the world go round, we live in a world and a society to where in which people place a lot of emphasis on it to the case of where in which people treat to where in which that is what life is all about, especially when it comes to success in life, with that being a bit of a common belief with people or a common philosophy that people have when it comes to it. From there, it does cause people to be self-centered, selfish and to only care about themselves, in which with that being a major issue with people, especially in today's current society and today's generation. It's also the case of where in which we treat people differently by putting them in different categories of social class, whether it be poor, lower class, middle class, upper class and rich and praise people, or put people up on pedestals who have or make a lot of it, more in particular with celebrities and entertainers. It's also the case of where in which some people, due to coming from an environment of where they didn't have much of it or didn’t have it at all, more in particular if they are coming from a poverty-ridden environment, are so desperate to make it out that they will do anything for it, even if it includes selling their souls to something or betraying, backstabbing and cutting off their own family, relatives and friends that have been by their sides from the beginning of time for it. With some people, it's the case of where in which the minute when they receive a first big and major accumulation of it, they change completely on the terms of personality and character, more likely or commonly on the terms of being humble and respectful to being proud, narcissistic, conceited and arrogant, due to the fact that money as power and money changes people.

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