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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Things Us Black Men Need To Work On

When it comes to the terms of us as black men, even though some people could disagree with this, living in a society or world even to where in which we are not favored in some, if not a lot of cases, more in particular with that being based the perceptions or stereotypes that people all over the world have about us, with it largely and mainly being influenced, projected and propagated by news and entertainment formats such as the media, films, TV shows and music, when it comes to the terms of the things that we need to work on, our weaknesses or the issues that we have that need to be resolved and abolished in order to progress and continue on further with development as a group of men or people in general as that fact, with this being something that was entailed on a couple of photos that I saw and came across on social media a while back, that struck and provoked some thought in my mind, with this being something that some of my black brothers that are reading this article or write-up right now might disagree with on the terms of thinking that as a group of men or people, we don’t have any issue and any problems or you don’t see it that way, in which is fine by me and we can agree to disagree, and if this doesn’t apply to you as a brother, then don’t mind me, but this is coming from my personal observation as of that matter, and this at the same time is also coming from the heart and I’m speaking to directly to myself as well, with that being that I’m a black man myself.

Now, to get into it, the first thing that we need to work on, that is weakness for us, if not one of the biggest or the biggest weakness in that fact, that needs to be resolved is our sense of pride and ego. From personal experience, and some brothers reading this could agree with me and testify to this, it seems as if sometimes, it's the case of where some of us back men take or let our self-esteem get too high and become very arrogant, prideful and egotistical. Now, on the terms of where that could stem from, it could come from the fact that us as black men, or black people for years or centuries were brought up in environments to where in which we didn't have much or a lot to work with, we're seen as being inferior in a lot of cases, especially in a society like the United States of America, and as a whole aren’t valued that much based off of what we want people or society to value us off, especially if it’s something such as our education, due to the fact that an educated black man, in a lot of cases in this society, with me being of personal testimony to this and other brothers as well, more so with the ones that are eductaed, doesn’t really get promoted, attention or recognition that much with the same thing to a degree, applying to an educated black woman as well. If we do get value, regard, attention, notice and recognition, a lot of times, it’s based off of talent that applies and relates to things such as sport and entertainment. To give an example of that, that’s the reason of why in which sport organizations such as the NBA and NFL and pre-dominantly filled by and filled black male athletes or African-American males make up most of the professional athletes who play in the NFL or NBA. To give another example, that’s the reason of why even in the celebrity and entertainment world, you see a big population of black men, whether it being rappers, singers, actors, TV personalities, radio personalities, DJ’s and more. However, when you look at black men in the education aspect, even though there are educated black men out there whether them being doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians or anything else along those lines, there isn’t that of a fairly and exceptionally reasonable or substantial amount of black men, much compared to other parts of society like the entertainment field. This is part of the reason why I think a certain percentage young black boys, again in the US mainly, have the issue or epidemic of where they place football players, basketball players and rappers up on pedestals, see them as being role models and have dreams and desires have being in that predicament like them, due to the fact that they realize that that is the only place of where in which they get value in this society, more so other than their fathers instilling them to have those dreams, goals or desires, in which is meant to be another issue with black fathers and their sons in the U.S that ties in with that.

 Now, with no meaning to shame, ridicule, mock, throw my brothers under the bus or make my brothers look bad, and even though it might sound harsh and hurtful to say, and to some it might sound unnecessary to talk about, but however, just to bring it up, the main place of society that has the largest population of black men is sadly and unfortunately in jail and prison, on the terms of black men being the biggest and largest population demographic, with them making up almost two thirds of the total amount of prison inmates, with their being a total of two million black people in jail in the United States in particular, on the terms of the epidemic of the mass incarceration of black men in America, in which is another, completely different or much more serious topic that has to deal with and interlinks with social and political issues such as racism, crime, judicial treatment of blacks or African-Americans and more. To go even further and back up my point even more, going back to the aspect of education, it’s found out  that black men are the least educated group of people, particularly in the United States of America, with the more shocking and hurtful thing, in my personal opinion, toward that being that their black female-counterparts out-earn, out-employ and out-educate them, with the fact black women, have been found to be the most educated group of people period in the U.S, with that including other races as whole and other genders linked with other races as well, even though a big contribution factor to that, is again the population factor on the terms of the fact that black women out number black men by a big proportion in the black community. 

The second thing that we need to work on, that is a weakness, again if not one of the biggest, or as a matter of act, is probably the biggest weakness or issue with us in my personal opinion, and again some brothers can disagree,  that I would say, is that even though with this being an issue that men in general, regardless of race have and that some men, with that including men of other races as well, could agree on, with that being that we need to stop putting so much emphasis on being strong, tough, dominant and hyper-masculine. Again, even though men in general have this issue, with us black men in particular, we take it to the extreme at times more than other races of men coming off of personal experience. A lot of us are just afraid to be ourselves, to show how we truly feel or to show real, genuine or vulnerable emotions. However, us men in general aren’t really good at communicating on an expressive that much compared to women, with that being something that you'll hear some women complain about, in which hurts for affirm by saying that it's true to say due to the fact that I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is unfortunately and the reason of why that is partly due to the fact that we as a gender aren’t as emotional as women, but more so due to the fact that if we do it, we are going to get chastised, condemned and scrutinized by people and society as a whole. A lot of us try to hide who we really are behind this alpha-male and hyper-masculine persona because we are afraid of being judged somebody whether it being by a woman, a black women mainly or the next black man that sees us as being weak, soft or less than a man.

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