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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Things I Don't Understand About Women

When it comes to the terms of doing what the photo says in which says to state what us men don't understand about women, if I were honest, here are a few questions that I personally have that I want women to answer:
1. Why is it the case of where in which women who don't want a man on the route to his success, only want him when at the point or moment of when he is very successful or doing something major with his life?
From personal experience or my personal observation, it's always the case of where in which when a man is very successful or doing something major with his life, that the women who rejected him, ignored him, disregarded him, and paid him no attention at all or whatever back then or even with the ones that they bullied, were mean-spirited and judgemental towards, will now come back to pursue him, cling for him or desire his attention
2. Why is it the case of where there's a double standard on the case of the fact that when you women are criticising us men through the form of identifying out the flaws and issues that we have, especially when it comes to the dynamic of relationships, there's no problem with it and people are in praise and salute of it, with that including some men as well, but the minute when we do the same thing towards you, you condemn it and label it as being sexist, anti-female or it as the case of where we are throwing hate-speech towards you, especially when both perspectives are being given in an angry, frustrated and bitter tone?
3. Why is it the case of where when us men are trying to pursue a relationship or catch your attention for the sake of a relationship, you expect us to show the reason why we're worth you're time, but when you try and catch our attention and and when we ask you to do the same thing, you feel as if it's not worth it and as if you're too good for that?

4. When it comes to sex, making love or physical intimacy, why is it the case of where some women like it when a man is being aggressive and forceful with them? Or if not, why is it the case of where we're starting to see a growing epidemic of women preferring to have that more as a form of physical intimacy compared to the soft, gentle, cautious and tender form of it?
5. Why do some women stay in relationships with men who abuse them? Or why do some women leave an abusive relationship for temporary amount of time, then sooner or later, go back to the same man who was abusing them?
6. Why do some women feel insulted when you're not going after them, chasing them down, pursuing them or giving them the attention they automatically think that they deserve from a man?
7. Why do some women try to bash, shame, condemn, make and feel guilty and put down men who choose to not get married or men who have been single for a very long time, especially elder men, acting as if that's going make them want to change their mind on the terms of getting into a relationship or get married?

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