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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Respect - What Is The Meaning Of It?/Does It Come With Conditions?

When it comes to the terms of respect, on the terms of what it means or giving a definition for it, it means to show regard, admiration, dignity, humility, positive attitude, positive approach or positive feedback towards a person, whether it's due to them being older than you, them being biologically related to you, the position that they have over you, the amount of the authority, power and influence that they have on the terms of making and causing a difference or making a contribution to the world or an element of the world and society, their personality and character, or due to what they've achieved in their life.

When it comes to the terms of their being conditions for respect, with this capable of being arguable and debatable at times, it should be the case of where in which you respect a person, regardless and no matter what. For example, when it comes to the terms of your parents, whether it being your mother, father or guardian looking after you, you should choose to respect them freely because they are your supervisor, related to you by biologically by blood. They're doing everything in their power to take care of where, whether it's putting food on the table, putting clothes on your back, putting you into school, college and university so that you can get a decent education and protecting you so that you are safe and secure at all times. However, on the other hand with a boss or job employer, with examples such as, a CEO or Manager, you should respect them always as well, even if it’s the case of where it seems as if they don’t know what they're doing on the terms of looking after their employees, being responsible for them, looking after their health and safety, and guiding them and informing them properly. So in that case as, the respect should be unconditionally given, unless it’s the case of where in which they treat you badly as an employee.

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