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Monday, 22 May 2017

Relationship Advice To Women: Avoid "Overconfident" Men

In this article or in this write up, I am going to be doing what the photo entails in which is to give women relationship advice that I think will be very useful and beneficial to take heed of for the future. Now, if I were to be honest, with what I'm about to say, it shouldn't be anything of deep, major or powerful revelation and insight, plus I don't want people reading this to treat it like that and perceive it as that, women especially, meaning that in reality, it should be common sense and common knowledge and people should know this, women especially and more in particular, due to the fact that it's them that end up being in this situation a lot or quite often from my personal observation, more than men, but they tend to still not catch on to this, get this, understand this and comprehend this. The piece of advice that I have to offer is this:

To the women that are reading this article or write-up now, let me first start off by saying that there's nothing wrong with being attracted to a man who has confidence in himself or that is very self-assured in himself, with that being something that a lot of women will commonly, generically or on agreed term say that is an instant attraction or turn-on to them, and as men, when it comes to catching your attention, standing out from the crowd of other men, being worth your time or being in relationships with you, you expect us to be that and have that.

However, when it comes to the terms of a man being very confident and assured in himself to the extent where you would consider or label  him to be conceited and arrogant, with other aspects of him coming in the form of where he's very extroverted, boisterous, trendy, materialistic, competitive with other men when it comes to other women and playful, with that being the type of some women out there like or are attracted to believe it or not, let me just directly say this to you: don't bother pursuing relationships with these men or "little boys" more rather, who can put so-called, with me saying it in informal wording "play" or "game"on you. The reason of why I'm saying that is because with men like that, if you do manage or happen to get in and enter a relationship with them, they will be the same men that, when the storm hits the relationship, when stuff hits the fan, when things gets serious for you, or when the relationship gets put to the test, in which for a guaranteed fact is going to happen due to the fact that every real and true relationship is going to go through that, in which again should be something that people should obviously know, they won't be able to be loyal to you, they won't be able to be faithful to you, they won't be able to know how to give you wisdom knowledge, understanding and encouragement to uplift you and, perhaps the biggest area of lack in the relationship for you looking at it by nature, they won't be able to know how to emotionally support you and be emotionally available for you. They'll be so lost and confused in that area or dynamic, they won't know what to do. They won't even know how to lead you or be your protector and provider in the relationship. 

In basic words, what I'm saying is to look at the big picture or towards the future when pursuing and going after a man who has confidence in himself. This means that although he has the one specific or main trait that you desire in a man with that being confidence, before diving in or jumping into the relationship with him, take into considerations other traits that are required for the sake of a healthy, long-term and substantial relationship, with examples of that being the case of where, is he going to be the man that's going to be loyal to you when you need him to be? Is he going to be that type of man that is going to be faithful to you at all times? Is he going to be that type of man that is going to respect you and love you unconditionally? Is he going to be that type of man that is going to be emotional available and emotionally supportive of you? Is he going to be that type of man that knows how to give you words of wisdom, encouragement, uplift and advice whenever you need it or when it's necessary? Is he going to be that type of man that knows how to lead you and guide you in a relationship? Is he going to be that type of man that is going to protect you and keep you secure in a relationship? Is he going to be that type of man that knows how to or that can provide for you in a relationship?

However, no meaning to go off topic but the same thing applies to men as well. With us men, it's different on the case of the fact that a lot of times, it's the usual case of where in which were immediately try and go after or pursue a woman who we see and label as being physically attractive, with some of us, just like women with us men, being instantly attracted to a woman who has confidence in herself as well. However, other than her being physically attractive and her being very confident, when it comes to pursuing a real and actual relationship with her, have you considered what her character and personality is going to be like? Is she going to be that type of woman that is going to appreciate you, love you and accept you for who you are? Is she going to be that type of woman that is going to be supportive of you in everything you do, if it's positive, efficient and useful? Is she going to be that type of woman that is going to respect you as a man and cater to you if she realises you're worth it and knows how to? Is she going to be that type of woman that is going to let you be a man and operate as a man in a relationship?

Now, going back to the ladies, if you want a man who has the qualities that I just mentioned now, don't go for those type of men. If you don't, then I'm going to assume, and some men could probably follow me along with this as well, that it's the case of where in which you either don't know what you want from a relationship, or you do know what you want, but instead the wrong thing with that being entertainment, even though, in all honesty, that is the issue with people today on the terms of relationships, on the terms of the fact that a lot of people, the youth, teenagers and young adults more in particular, are getting in it or basing off of entertainment. 

Here's a little secret: With the men who are willing to be your leader, protector, provider, loyal partner, faithful partner, wisdom-filled partner, encouraging partner, uplifting partner, knowledgeable partner, advisory partner, emotionally supportive partner and emotionally available partner, they won't be the men that appear to you with ease and simplicity. Instead, they'll be the men that are building up and waiting for that right moment to approach, of in which, the reason for that, at first sound or first hearing, might be low self-esteem, in which might be the case in some instances, in which a reason for part of that, looking at it on wide social scale, is due to the fact that men who are good, decent, loving and respectful, to an extent, aren't really valued that much, even though that can applied to people in general,  it's not. It's called taking time and waiting for the right moment

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