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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Nagging & Complaining In Relationships And Marriages: Reasons Why Do Some Women Do It Too Much Or Too Often

First of all, to start off before diving in into the main substance and core of this article or write-up, let me just by humble myself by saying that I'm not a woman, nor will I understand what it is to be a woman, especially and more in particular with the mind-set, psyche, thought process or consciousness of a woman, nor will I won't know everything about operating as a woman, and some women who are reading this article right now will probably or more likely and most definitely agree with me on that, or check me on that if I do say something that's perceived to be out of line, wrong, fallacious, inaccurate, irresponsible or just ludicrous assumptions, in which with this, I'll try my best not to do any of the things that I've just mentioned, even though in all honesty, that would never be my intention when writing up an article on any topic, but however, this is coming from personal experience and personal observation of the women or female counterparts in my life, whether it be family members, friends, associates and acquaintances, or even just strangers as well.
Now, getting into it, when it comes to the terms of nagging and complaining in relationships or marriages, in which in my personal opinion is a minor and subsidiary topic that doesn’t really get discussed that much and sometimes  can be forgotten on the terms of existence, on the terms of why some women do it, especially and more in particular if it's constant and consistent, with that being something that some, if not a lot of men ask from time to time as well, to answer that question or give a theory on it from a man's observational view, let's start off by stating the fact, in which might seem obvious to some people, with that including both men and women, that not all women do at a level of vivid or rapid continuity. Let’s also continue that by stating another fact with that being that women are by nature, more emotional than men, so at times you might or probably will get it and experience it in a relationship, depending on what type of situation it is, whether it be during the time of pregnancy with that tying more in with marriage, starting a family and having children, with that being a very common case of where women will complain and nag that you'll hear men talk or, just like women, complain about themselves, as a result of the physical stress that pregnancy comes with, in which is and should be very understandable from our perspective. Another example can come in the form of losing a loved one whether it be a family member or close friend, in which more so has to deal with the emotional side of things, but as a result, when it comes to a relationship or marriage even, constantly complaining and nagging can occur and become more frequent, with some people seeing that as being a change, if not drastic change of character, even though that is capable of applying to anybody, regardless of gender.
However, no meaning to go off subject, but, just to put it and throw it out there, looking at that and focusing on that in particular, from a man's perspective, and some of the men that are reading this right now might or probably will affirm what I'm saying and agree with it on the terms of it sounding obvious, but,  that is, or in reality, should be the hardest part of being in a relationship with a woman, or the part of where we are going to get tested the most on how we treat a woman and if we’re serious about being committed to a woman, with that being the case of emotionally supporting them and being emotional available for them, other than just loyalty, faithfulness, trust, security and more, with that being some of the main things that women want from men in relationships and marriages, while also us men want from women as well.
On the other hand, going back to the point, on the terms of the reasons of why some women nag and complain, especially if it's constantly in a relationship or marriage, one reason, with this being something that some people, both men and women, say, or that I've heard, is that it's just blatantly in their nature, or more so character to constantly nag and complain, in which with me personally, I don't fully buy into or accept as a justifiable excuse or answer, unless it's the case of it being a deep-routed reason stemming from traumatic or negatively life-altering events taken place such as losing a loved one, as I mentioned before, then the reason is and will be justifiable and acceptable
However, coming in with my personal observation and theory, with women who nag and complain constantly, on the terms of why they do it, with some women it can be the case of them growing up in a household or home, where everything was done for them from childhood up to adulthood, whether it be by their father, mother, siblings or anyone else, and if they didn't get there way, they complained and moaned about it, in which with that showing a sign that she’s very immature and has a lot of growing up to do.
 Another reason of why some women nag and complain constantly can come in the form of where in which with some women, with everything they do, whether it being from hobbies to habits, or especially if it involves something such as cleanliness, is done in a certain way or are used to doing it in a certain way, and if something at a certain time is done differently compared to the way they know, in which is the seen as being the usual, normal or even obvious way, they instantly disagree with it, start to take issue with it and start to make a fuss about it. When looking at this, it can tie back into of the point I mentioned before about the upbringing, whether it being based on being brought up in a home to where boundaries were set, in which should be every single household in reality, or homes that were based in the predicament of religion or culture, even though, again that can apply to anybody, regardless of gender and it can apply towards any situation other than the social and interpersonal dynamics of relationship and marriages. 

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