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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ideal Relationship Partner: Traits & Qualities That I Don't Like In A Woman

When it comes to the terms of relationships, other than the traits that I do like in a woman or that I want the ideal women for me to have, in which is something that you’ll hear a lot of people or all of us talk about when it comes to it, with that including both men and women, if we were to flip the script, turn the table and go over to the other side of fence by looking at or focusing on traits about our ideal partner that we see and label as being bad or unattractive, or traits that we don’t like and don’t prefer our partner to have, in which is something that arguably doesn’t get discussed that much compared to positive traits that we prefer in a partner, with me personally, if I were to be honest, there are just three traits that I don’t like or that I prefer a woman not have when it comes to being in a relationship and it boils down to this:

1.     Weak-Minded

When it comes to women, one type of women that I don’t like, or don’t want to be with is that type of women that is weak-minded. When I use the term “weak-minded”, I’m not talking on the terms of a woman being guided by her emotions gullible and naïve and believing everything or anything she hears, due to the fact that that is what some people might think I mean when I say that, some men especially. The deal is that with women, they are the emotional being or the more emotion-functioning gender compared to men, so to an extent by nature, they’re naturally going to be gullible and naïve in, not all but certain situations, even though with that trait as well, I prefer to not be with a woman who’s like that either. When I use that term ‘weak-minded”, I mean it in the context of the fact that I don’t like a woman who can’t think for herself. Other than her believing in and taking in everything, or anything she sees or hears as fact, reality or truth, she’s the type of women that can’t formulate her own opinion or stance on something. She only claims and hold on to stuff because other people are saying it or doing it, especially with other friends, in which is something that I can’t work with or build rapport on. From that, that will show you or you can easily predict that when it comes to being in a relationship with her, she’ll be the that type of women that will always be dependent on you to do stuff for her, whether it’s speaking up for her when she’s very capable of speaking up for herself, or doing errands for her that you as a man probably don’t have the time to do, or shouldn’t be wasting your time on doing due to what type of errand it is. In basic terms, she’ll be mentally and maybe even physically lazy in the relationship.

Now, with this, for the sake of not being misunderstood, I just want to say that when it comes to relationships and also marriages as well, there is nothing wrong with a woman being dependent on a man at certain times where it’s necessary, due to the fact men are expected to be the leaders and foregoers in that predicament and dynamic and if they are strong enough to handle that acquisition or position, they should depend on them, as well as other parts of society, that should happen. However, at the same time, there should be a case of where in which a woman should do things for herself as well, due to the fact that all women are capable of doing that. In basic terms, when it comes to it, there needs to be that balance for her in the relationship or marriage, in which should be something that I personally reckon the women who are reading this article right now should take heed of when it comes relationships and marriages, on the case of her being dependent on the man when it’s necessary and essential, more in particular if it comes in the form of provision, whether it be of money, finances, support or anything else, but also at the same time, her doing things for herself where it’s necessary as well

This basically means that I like or prefer a woman to be headstrong and independent based on the fact that she doesn’t follow the crowd, she doesn’t conform to the norm of society, she thinks differently compared to other people or the average person, and she doesn’t have belief in anything that people and society give into believing. With no intention to brag about myself or indulge myself with pride, but the reason of why I’m say this id due to the fact that I am like that and if I meet a woman who is like that, it would be something that I can work with and build with. Being with a weak-minded woman, would be a mismatch for me.

2.     Selfishness/Entitlement Mentality

Another type of women that I don’t like is a woman who is very selfish or a woman who has an entitlement mentality. Now, even though this obvious on the case of the matter that people in general can agree that they don’t like this trait, regardless of whether it’s a man or woman who has it, and even though this can be applied to both men and women, this does tend to be a bit of a natural issue with women on the terms of the fact that we live in a society to where in which women are put on a pedestal and praised a lot in certain cases. It’s also the case of where in which a lot of times, we tend to overlook or ignore the flaws they have or the places where they go wrong or make errors, especially within relationships and marriages and it’s also the case of where it a lot, if not too much, about what they want demand, and expect in a relationship and how they expect to be catered in a relationship and a man not getting the same in equal manner. To continue with this stemming off some of the stuff I mentioned in the first point, this basically means that I don’t like a woman who only cares about the benefit she gets in a relationship or that expects me to do everything for her, whether it be in on the terms of dating, with that being to pay for her during it, or when it comes to things such as bills, mortgages and rent, with that being to pay all of that on my own without her contributing even a dime or single penny, or even when it comes to certain holidays that she expects me to buy gifts for her on, Christmas and Valentine’s Day and occasionally on her birthday mainly. The sad, but at the same time, annoying thing about this is that you have some men out there that just conform to it by actually believing that things should go down that way in a relationship or marriage, regardless of what she does or how she treats you, and it’s not only just in that, it’s based in other things as well when it comes to men and women in relationships, different forms of treatment between them, and double standards. However, with that, I won’t get into it due to it being a different topic.

3.     Excessive Talker/Bad Listener

Finally, with this being last, but for sure and definitely not least, is that I don’t like a woman who has the trait of being an excessive talker and a bad listener or in other words, a woman who talks too much. Now, knowing that when it comes to relationships and marriages, this tends to be a bit of an issue with men and women, on the terms of the fact you’ll hear both men and women complain about when it comes to opening up or dealing with certain internal issues, with that being that you’ll hear women talking about how men don’t want or like to communicate on that level, in which I will admit, as a man myself, is true on the terms of the fact that men in general, we don’t like to communicate and open up and showing our feelings and emotions, with part of that stemming from the fact that we live in a society to where in which men are taught not to do that, meaning that they have to be strong and tough mentally and emotionally when it comes to them enduring and going through hardships and tribulations in life whether it being by their parents, their father more in particular, older male influences such as elderly men or mentors, or even male friends as well. On the other hand, you’ll hear some men, while also some women as well, talk about how if it is the case of where we do communicate, women tend not to take in and absorb what is being said with that meaning that they don’t like to listen that much in which is true as well on the terms of the fact that some women talk too much at time. Now for me personally, my issue with a woman who talks too much or excessively doesn’t come in the form of seeing her being loud and extroverted every time you get a glimpse of her with people, friends in particular. My issue comes in the form of when trying to communicate with her on a certain level, more in particular, if it’s philosophical or personal level, she just jumps to conclusions, she misinterprets stuff and seems not to understand it. That is a major turn off for me and that is a reason as to why some men purposely choose not to communicate, due to the fact that they know the women that they’re with don’t like to listen very well or are very bad at it.

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