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Monday, 22 May 2017

Female Leadership In Society: My Honest Approach Towards It

When it comes to the terms of female leadership or in other words, women being in, functioning in, being active in and acquiring the roles of leadership position, power and head authority, in which, arguably, with that being something that we're starting to see take place very vividly today in society, if I were to be completely and utterly honest, with this surprisingly being something that is coming from the heart, however yet, unsurprisingly that some, if not a lot of men, probably won't or wouldn't have the courage or audacity to say, admit or go forward with due to the fact that it requires a lot of humility to say it, even though at the same time, speaking from the perspective of a man myself, it is hard to admit and I don't want to sound as if I'm trying to boost up female ego or as if I'm trying to worship, idolize or crave for the attention of some women, in which is something that the men that are reading this article now might think, due to the fact that I'm not, but when it comes to that being something to exist, manifest and come to pass competently, with me personally, I don't have an issue with or anything against a woman being in a leadership role, regardless of what it is whether it's the form of her being a CEO, general overseer, chief or head executive, manager, head teacher, principal or anything else along those lines and in that fashion and subjecting myself to it. If it's the case of where in which a woman shows and presents herself to be an outstanding, fantastic or exceptional leader through the form of her possessing and demonstrating the required skills for it or the skills that are very important, needed and vital for the role, with examples of that such as communication on the terms of her being able to talk to people well or actively, and as a result she's able to build up good rapports or relationship with people, to the result of where in which she has a good reputation with the people in her community on the terms of whether people see her as being trustworthy, reliable, dependable responsible and more, experience on the terms of her being in a certain place for a certain period of time, ideally or preferably a long time or long enough compared to the average person or a lot of people around her, meaning that she has been in or seen the environment or community that she's in in its past state, current state and has ideas for its future state, to the case of where in which she is knowledgeable enough and comprehensible enough to be aware of what is, what was and what is going on around her and the place, community and environment she's in or it being the case of where she knows how things operate, direction and navigation, on the terms of fact she's very good at giving people instructions and telling them what to do correctly, assertive and protective, on the terms of the fact that she actually cares and worries herself about the health, safety, security and well-being of the people on her team, cabinet, community or organization due to the type of environment they're in, and finally, as a result of that, if she's advisory and encouraging on the terms she knows how to make a person or her whole team, party, cabinet, community or organization feel better or to not feel discouraged after a good, bad or negatively hard-hitting situation or circumstance takes place compared to my myself, other men or other people in general with that including other women as well, then out all due honor, respect and sense and for the sake of cooperation, progression and development, for me personally, it's best to let her take the driver's seat or controller's seat and me take the back seat or passenger seat, and again, out of all respect, dignity and integrity, I would happily be there at her service, meaning that whatever she wants, instructs or commands me to do, I'll follow it and obey it, with the response to it being in quote "Yes Madame" or "Yes, Ma'am" as in homage to her position
However, the only place of where it can become a problem or an issue is, and this can apply to anybody man or woman, and to any situation in life or society other than just leadership, if it's the case of where in which she lets the position get to her head, to the point of where in which she misuses or abuses her power, with that coming in the form of where in which she becomes big-headed and arrogant and mistreats people on her team on the terms of her disrespecting them, insulting them, being verbally abusive towards them, treating them with injustice or unfairly, under-utilize them, unappreciative towards them, ignoring them or treating them as if they're inferior or less than. For some women, especially the ones who were taught how to be "strong" and independent from a certain period in life, whether it being during childhood or teenage years, and it being taught by their mothers, fathers, relatives, elders, mentors, role models and more, or trained themselves to be that way, might or probably will be easy for them to do that based on the fact that they've never had or experienced power, due to the fact that in this society that we live in, we're always taught that it should be men on top on the terms of leadership position, power and authority and women should be be below on the terms of being in roles or positions that are subservient, submissive or less powerful, or the fact that that trend has existed for centuries or since the beginning of time, but now it's time to end that long-existing trend and generate a new trend with that being seeing women in leadership roles and positions, or as if some people feel that way with that being a trend that should exist in this current society

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