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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What Come First In A Woman's Life?: Critical Picture Analysis

When it comes to the terms of the picture above,in caption, asking the question of “What comes first in a woman’s life”, if I were to be honest, by looking at the options given to answer the question with it being out the husband, baby’s father, father or son, there are some things that are completely wrong with it.

No meaning to be too critical or analytical, but firstly or for number one, why doesn't the photo include dad of the woman, other than just the mom? Isn’t her having two parents supposed to be one of the most important factors in her life? Or is there a purposeful and intentional reason because of that? Number two, why is the supposedly "baby's father" on there? What is he doing on there? Why is he important? Wouldn't it be the case of where in which you wouldn't include him as being important based off of past issues in being in a relationship with him? With that probably obviously being a reason as to why you're no longer with him? The shocking thing is that he's being placed next to and compared to the husband. The husband should be more important than the baby father. Forget the baby father and leave him out, or is it the case of where in which the baby father is being made important on the terms of money and financial support for the child? If that is the case then, he may be important to an extent, because the husband shouldn't have to accept the child on her behalf, because it's not biologically his, rather than if it was his, he should be providing that aspect, due to the fact that it's his obligated right and responsibility to. Number three, why is it only the son that's being included? The daughter should be included as well. Being a parent affects both children regardless of gender.

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