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Monday, 24 April 2017

Problem Solving: Nothing Is Going To Get Solved If You Keep Reflecting Over The Obvious

Now, with this, even though this is or should be common sense and basic knowledge to people, for some reason,  it's as if people don’t understand the fact that when it comes to a problem, issue, situation or circumstance, regardless of what it is, the size of it and irrespective of the area of life it's in, nothing is going to get solved or abolished if it's the case of where in which you keep reflecting on, looking at or going over the obvious, the facts and statistics, or previously learned, retrieved, acquired and required information and knowledge from before. The deal about this is that, if I were to be honest, even though some people could disagree, but speaking on behalf of my personal experience, applying it to Christianity, religion, & church, that's the issue on the terms of the fact that, Christians, religious people and people keep doing with that being the fact that they keep on talking about topics that relate to the church and not the world, with the fact that it's the same thing we keep talking about for years, over and over again, whether it be things such as faith, the blood of Jesus, the holy spirit, baptism, sin, fasting, prayer, repentance, justification, sanctification, praise, worship and more, instead of talking about topics such as abortion, homosexuality, pornography, masturbation, smoking addictionalcoholism, domestic violence, bullying, self-esteem, suicide/suicidal thoughts, depression, homelessness, poverty and more, with those being topics that people of the world go through every day on a day to day basis, of in which, biblical references to back up the solution to those problems could be used for, as much as some Christians and religious people say that they should do when it comes to solving problems, however, even with that, some, if not a lot of them do it enough, in my personal opinion.

This is part of the reason of why people don’t take Christianity serious anymore, even though and although to a degree, people and society have always had that approach or reception towards Christianity and religion, on the terms of many people out there not believing in God due to all the horrific and catastrophic events that have and are still happening taking place all over the world, people realizing that Christians and religious people are too judgmental towards non-believers, of in why some of them are or people realizing that they are very hypocritical, of in which some of them are at times as well. This is part of the reason of why for some, if not a lot of Christians, if they are in that position or have that feeling, due to the fact that at times, it feels as if you're not learning anything new or you’re getting any real truth from it. This is part of the reason why is Christianity is having no impact on the world even though you have some Christians out there that think that they are, but we're not and the reason why is based on the fact that we aren’t relating enough to the world, even though, to a degree and extent, some Christians can’t do that, because they've never experienced the world for themselves. They've been raised up in religion and church all their lives, so they won’t know what the real world is like. 

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