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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Confidence & Popularity: The Real Truth Behind People Who Are It & Always Have Been It

When it comes to the terms of achieving success in life and applying that with confidence, popularity and trendiness, with people who have always been confident and self-assured from childhood up to adulthood, at times to the point and extent of where in which they are, become or transform into being very stuck on themselves, full of themselves, cocky, conceited, brash & arrogant, or people who are or were the type of people that are popular and trendy with other people, more in particular during their youth and teenage years, with a lot of them, from what I personally notice, even though some people could disagree, a lot of times, they’re the people that in the end, they end up doing nothing significant with their lives on the terms of it being or doing something leaves a big mark or impact on the world, or that catches the attention of people all over the world, society and a generation, whether it be reaching out to people and touching people’s personal lives, inventing something that transcends the existence of humanity, or being the first person and pioneer of a certain group, minority or culture of people to do something that is unexpected or not typical of them or of human beings, and people all over the world in general to do.

With a lot of them, I notice that they end up doing the normal, typical and expected process and journey of life with that being that they come into the world through their mother’s womb, go to institutions such as school and college to get an academic education, go to university to get a degree, get a job in whatever is that they wanted, enter a relationship, get married, start a family, have children, grow old and then pass away and then leave step for the next generation to come in. However, you then have some of them that become so confident to where in which they literally go through life with the mindset thinking that they can do world-altering or world-changing things, try it and attempt it, and then fail numerous times or constantly, only failing to realize that it wasn’t their calling to do what they were trying or attempting to do to begin with. Some of them surprisingly end up in a dead end and end up doing nothing with their lives. That's the reason of why in which you better be careful when underestimating the people that are quiet, keep themselves away from people to themselves, and tend to be not very good at being expressive verbally, orally or emotionally, because, a lot of times,  it’s them that have been through the most trials and tribulations, experienced the most pain and have seen a lot more things in life that, as a result, end up doing powerful, major and mind-blowing things that shakes up, alters and changes the world catches the attention of a society and a generation because of it.

With that being said, in similar mode of fashion, it reminds of a profound phrase that I once heard, in which said, “Your victory has defeated you”, of in which to interpret it on my own terms, even though everybody will have different personal interpretations to it, applying it to this subject, it basically means that you have gotten so confident to where in which you have become too comfortable, leading you to be complacent. That’s the deal with people who are very confident and popular. With a lot of them, they become so absorbed in their self-esteem and popularity, that they choose to become too comfortable with life, without getting prepared for what life hits them with next.

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