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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bringing Back Men Who Treat Women Through These Acts: Will It Ever Happen?

Now, with this, knowing that it doesn’t apply to all women, but for the ones that it does apply to in this situation, especially and more in particular with the women who ask this, when it comes to the terms of the women who ask about bringing back the generation or version, more rather, of men who treat women in the form of taking them on so-called “real” or “traditional” dates, assuming to places, like a restaurant, cinema or movie theatre, bowling and more, doing respectful or regal acts for them such as acts opening the door for them, whether it be a car door or building door, paying for them on dates, and bring them flowers, especially when it’s for no reason, just to confirm or affirm that, yes, even though some people may disagree, but it the case of where in which where in which men doing that isn’t necessarily popular or common anymore, not to say that all men don’t do, because there are still men that do it, but not many of them do, I think the reason of why in which that is based on the fact that, firstly, speaking on the terms of women, I personally don’t know what it is, but for some reason, and again, this doesn’t apply to all women, but it’s as if some, if not a lot of women, see these men or men that do that as being weak, or not “man” or masculine enough to be with them or handle their ground while being in a relationship with them. It might stem from the case of where in which when women do give men like that a chance and when they do enter relationships with them, they see them as being very easy to get over, disrespect or take advantage of when it comes to getting what they want out of them just due to how nice, tender, gentle or loving-hearted they are, in which, I will have to admit as a man myself that sometimes it can be the case or reality with some men who are like that at times, in which handling themselves out of that situation needs to be a bit of a learning curve for some of them, so due to that, it’s as if not many of them would be taken serious anymore, or given any notice and attention due the fact that that is what they realise about, some, if not a lot of them, and with a lot of men, they realize that, so when it comes to that, in the "male community", they won’t place emphasis on it.

Secondly, it’s also the case of where in which, due to the fact that we live in a world now to where in which things are happening at a very fast pace, as a result, people want to go straight to the point with things and be very direct with things, with a contribution factor to that being that we live in a very entertainment-obsessed society, to the case of where in which people are even pursuing relationships for entertainment and jumping into relationships for entertainment purpose now, the youth and teenagers especially, with that being something that I’ve done a previous video blog on, so doing stuff like that would take too much time or would be too long of a process to try and show a person, or woman in this case since we’re talking men, that you like them or have a desire for them, more in particular, if it’s just the case of where in which you are talking on the terms of just socialising with the opposite gender, especially with men, if you’re talking on the terms of going straight, especially if it’s the case of where in which they want sex, as we obviously know, since men already have a well-established reputation of doing that, even though women can do it too and as well, and it doesn't have to be just sex, with it being others things as well, whether it be money, fame or publicity, specifically when it comes to talking about rich and famous, and more, however, that's another topic for discussion..

Now, if I were to answer the question directly and honestly, on the terms of whether I think men like that will come back or whether I think acts of respect and regality like that will be installed in men’s mindset as the normal way with attracting women or winning women over into relationships, or marriage even? If I were to be completely, but at the same time, brutally honest: Not to say that it’s capable of happening, due to the fact that it but, it will never happen, in my personal opinion. The reason of why I say that is due to the fact that some women will say that or claim that they want that, then next minute, they won't embrace it. Some women, as I mentioned before, will take advantage of a man like that, in which in similar or the same fashion, something that happens when "GOOD" men or men being too nice gets brought up for discussion, again as I mentioned before, so in that case, it will just be the same cycle on repeat, meaning we will be back to this position of where we are now, with the fact being that it’s not appreciated anymore or popular to do anymore. Besides, it’s also the case of where in which, no meaning to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anybody who is reading this right now, especially if you’re a woman reading this, but if you were to be honest and real, some of women don't deserve a man like that  or to treat them like that based off who they are as a person or based off of their character and personality, especially if it’s the case of them being they type of women that are unloyal, unsupportive or unappreciative and they probably wouldn't even treat him or cater to him right in the relationship

With that being said, just to add in closing and again, with no meaning to offend or disrespect you, especially if you’re a woman but, with this society, especially for us men, because I think us men need to take heed and account more, even though women themselves do is as well: We need to stop this behaviour of where in which we overlook and ignore the bad that women do and stop putting women on pedestals too much, to where in which we treat all of them as if they’re perfect and can do no wrong, and stop telling to ourselves that all women deserve men who treat them right and respect them just based on the fact that they’re women alone, because not all of them do, based off of who they are as a person and how they treat men.

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  1. You are right. Not every woman deserve a good man. Respect must be earned. First a woman need to be supportive of their man, so each day he become better and want to do right by her. Just because a man is kind, Dont mean he should be taken for granted or taken advantage of. When you make your man feel good about himself, you in turn earn his respect and he will want to do right by you. Only then opening doors wouldn't be a task but he would do it willingly out of love and respect.


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