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Saturday, 1 April 2017

An Element Of Fake People In Society: People Today Lack The Ability To Support

When it comes to the terms of people, this current generation and society today, even it’s hard to admit, however, for the sake of telling it the way it is and to speak the truth, we now live in a time to where in which a lot of people or the average person wouldn't be willing or wouldn't be there to support, be there for you or care for you if you lose everything or were stuck in a dead end It's honestly every man for himself in this generation now. You simply can’t trust many people, today. A lot of people today are too fake, phoney, fraudulent, hypocritical and heartless. This is part of the reason of why some people turn into being anti-social and to a degree, it’s a justifiable reason and I can understand. However, on the terms of the support, for that, part of it might stem from the fact that some people, if not a lot of people, wouldn’t know what to do or how to support you if you were in that position or situation, other than just being there or standing by their side, in which some people in that case, might or probably will expect more than that, with that probably being things such as being able to give words wisdom, knowledge, understanding and encouragement to uplift you or give you revelation and insight of things that can help you, in which is something that not many people can do or are capable of doing today.

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