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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Age In Relationships: Does It Actually Matter?/What Are The Benefits & Challenges Of It?

When it comes to the terms of whether age is an important factor in a relationship or it being an important, vital, essential or mattering factor in relationships, if I were to be completely honest, I personally wouldn't say that it does matter but however, at the same time, it can be an advantage to a relationship being more stable and secure, even though it can be a case of where due to the maturity aspect or trait of ,in which is something that, as we obviously know, women prefer in men and with it being something that they expect older men to have, in which has also been scientifically and psychologically proven to be a natural desire for them, due to the fact that girls mature faster than boys, or women mature faster than men, in which again, we obviously know, people have gotten or are capable of getting better bonding and chemistry in relationships from people who are as aged as a decade or two decades younger or older than them, with that making you take into consideration the fact that age doesn’t equal or determine a level of maturity, or breaking down the misconception that some people have that it does. With some women who date younger men, you'll get that reason, although with some of them saying in response that even if it was the case of where in which they met a man who was older and yet at the same time mature, they would still consider to date or enter a relationship with him, meaning that some women would date man regardless of his age, as long has he is mature in his behaviour, way of thinking and seeing things, actions and ways of handling situations and circumstances. However, other than that, with a lot of women who date or enter relationships with younger men or with the ones who do it, the typical reason of why a lot them do it is because they want to feel younger or the fact that dating younger men is more fun energetic and entertaining for them.

However, to go a bit more further down the road with it, when it comes to the terms of what can be the benefits of dating somebody older or younger than you and the challenges of dating somebody older or younger than you, even though some people could disagree with this and personal experience would be the determining or unanimous factor in this, but, to firstly start off, when dating someone older than you, with this capable of being applied to both men and women, one benefit from that can be the case of where in which you can learn new things about life, based off if they're willing to teach you and if they realize that you're teachable, coachable and curious about the things of life. The reason of why that is, is based on the fact that if you are dating a person who is older than you, not necessarily all the time but at least six to nine times out of ten, due to their expected and predicted level of maturity and due to them being born before you, they'll more likely have more knowledge, experience and will have more likely seen things that you haven't or are expecting to see, so it's good to learn things from them in that dynamic.

However, on the terms of the challenge for dating somebody older than you, again male or female, and again not all the time, but a challenging aspect of that can be the case of lack of understanding of certain situations and circumstances that their partner is going through by you, more in particular with that coming from the perspective of the person who is younger in the relationship, and with this, at times, it tends to be a little bit more common with the relationship dynamic of older women and younger men

On the terms of the reason of why they don't understand, the expected reason of that or the most commonly claimed reason for that is, again obviously based off of maturity, in which might be the case at times, and again with that being something that you'll hear some women who date younger men say that comes as an issue when dating younger than your age, with that being that sometimes men who are younger than them, it can be difficult to maintain good relationships with them based off of the fact that sometimes they are not mature enough to handle and react to certain situations and circumstances that involve right and appropriate handling, problem solving or understanding, especially and more in particular if the situation is much more advanced for them. Plus, again, with that, you also have to take consideration that girls and women do, a lot of times, mature faster than boys and men, so it might be true for men in those cases.

Now, when it comes to dating somebody younger than you, other than a challenge for that being on the same line of what I just mentioned above with that being maturity and understanding, again on the terms of a benefit of it, or what they perceive to be a benefit, sometimes when dating younger people, some if not lot of people, women especially and more in particular who date younger men, say that they feel younger or feel more energetic when doing that, in which might be the case at times, but it's not all the time.

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  1. I have dated severely different ages. Age does not matter after legal age. I am 40 and date guys in their 20's and 30s.


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