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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Physical Toughness, Physical Durability & Physical Resiliency: It Isn't Always Important In Life

Now, with this, even though some people may disagree with this, whether as some people already know this on the terms of the fact that at times it’s not a wise thing to do or be, especially with the adults or people who are very mature in character and way of thinking, just for the sake of the people who don’t know, we live in a society and generation to where in which some people still think that being physically tough and durable or being able to handle and resolve conflict in a physical manner is going to sustain themselves for the rest of their lives or help them stay on track during their lives, when in reality, that isn’t always the case.

When it comes to being in that state, in some cases, being physically tough and resilient can cause negative impacts or can cause detrimental effect on a person’s life, to where in which there are incidents out there in the world to where in which being physically tough can cost a person’s life completely. E.g. Look at criminals, prisoners, convicted felons or people in jail as a perfect example. For some of them, if not a vast majority or a lot of them, being in there and serving a prison sentence, whether it’s years, for life or even getting served the death penalty was a result of them being physically tough and them thinking that violence or retaliating back physically or through physicality is always the answer. It’s also the case of where in with jail or prison, knowing that that itself can be rough or violent environment, or knowing that it’s an environment to where in which at times you are so isolated so much to where in it takes a toll on you period, in which with that, being alone period or just in general, can have a mental impact on you, regardless of what setting or environment it’s in,  some of them due to that, can’t seem to cope in there, or as in which some of them have claimed before or confessed. That is partly of where the stigma or epidemic of mental health comes into the pictures based of the fact that, that is a bit of a common result, reportedly, in the jail or prison environment, based on the fact that some of them suffer from things like bipolar, schizophrenia, depression or paranoia.
Another thing is that when it comes to being tough is that some people think that the only way to being tough or durable is being in that from a physical standpoint or physical perspective, when in reality, that isn’t necessarily the only option to being tough. People can be mentally and emotionally tough, but again however, people have a different approach when it comes to that aspect of toughness and durability with that being that there’s one right and appropriate view of being mentally tough or that mental toughness or mental resiliency only applies to things that take place in a sporting environment or only in the sports industry, when there are other ways of being tough that can be very applicable to a person’s personal life. Here are some examples.
E.G. A father or mother was strong enough to raise children by themselves after the case of their spouse either passing away or running out on the family
E.G A man was strong enough to handle both physical abuse, verbal abuse and discrimination in the environment he resided and made a living in.
E.G A woman was strong and patient enough to wait for true, real and unconditional love after being in so many relationships to where in which men disrespected her, physically, mentally and emotionally abused her, lied to her, took advantage of her and didn’t love her for her.
E.g. The general case of where you don’t believe or have the same way of thinking and ideas that people or normal and typical society has. Being strong-minded in other words.

The message that I’m trying to get across is that physical toughness, physical durability and physical resiliency isn’t always important in life. There are other ways of being tough that life provides, with the result of that being real toughness. Don’t let society, the environment you live in or women brainwash you and program you into thinking that physical toughness, physical durability and physical resiliency is the real way of being strong and getting respect in life.

Now, going back to the last statement of where in which I said that you shouldn’t let women pressure you or brainwash you into thinking that, the reason of why I’m saying that is that is based on the fact that, if you were to be honest, on the terms of gender, this is to an extent, a bit of a common issue or epidemic that some of us men go through and with that, it’s the case of where in which some women do put pressure on men in that aspect and they do expect so much from men in that aspect or only respect men in that aspect, that for the sake of getting attention from women or female attention, they try and boost up or advance themselves anyhow or by any means necessary in order to get, I which with that being something that I talked about in one of my previous blogs and write-ups.
 Let me just remind you of the fact that when you endure trials tribulations, hardships and difficult times, that has the purpose of making you strong and tough on the inside and result will be in fact that you are strong and tough on the inside.
The difference between you and people physically tough, physically durable and physically resilient is that they are or were, like you, on the terms of them going through trials, tribulations, rough situations, rough, circumstances or hardships but a lot of times, couldn’t endure it. With some of them, they either got scared or became so full of emotion during the process of what they were going through, to where in which they felt as if they needed a way to escape or express what they were going through, with that coming in the form of demonstrating their emotions or letting their emotions out, with a lot of times it being anger and rage. That’s where the form of them being violent, aggressive or conflict-filled comes into the picture and that’s the reason why they are the way are. If you were to look at it openly, it’s a bit of a cowardly, weak and insignificant behavioral process that some of them chose to go down with. However, with you, you’re not a coward because you endured what you went through the end.

This is the reason of why I personally don’t necessarily admire or look up to people who are physically tough or durable, more so professional athletes, whether it be boxers, MMA fighters, wrestlers, as inspiration for being tough due to the fact that not real and true toughness when applied to real life situations. I also don’t admire due to the fact that at times, it can be used for the wrong intentions. 

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