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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Open Relationships, Open Marriages & Polygamy: Reasons For Doing It/How It Differs From Cheating

Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. With this question, it doesn't matter if you have or haven't been in this position or situation or have or haven't tried it, so anybody can answer it. With this, I just want to know out of honest curiosity. The question is this:
When it comes to the terms of what people call an "OPEN RELATIONSHIP" or "OPEN MARRIAGE" in which is where both partners agree that they can have sex with people outside of their relationship or marriage or when it comes to stuff as POLYGAMY where in you're in a relationship with or married to two people at the same time, other than sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction or sexual boredom in the bedroom, in which is a common reason you'll hear of why in which some people try it when it comes to open relationships and open marriages and other than the fact that it's seen as being a free, good or acceptable thing to do based off of RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE or CULTURE when it comes to POLYGAMY, do you think there are other reasons as to why people try it other than that? If so, give me some and explain them
Also, what is it about BOTH OF THEM or open relationships and open marriages EXACTLY in particular, more rather than polygamy,  that makes it different from being seen as CHEATING? Because, with me personally, the way I see it, that's what it basically is, but some people argue against that and will agree to disagree with that, so tell me what you think.

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