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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Men Being Strong, Tough, Dominant & Masculine: What Places Emphasis On It The Most?

 When it comes to the terms of men, living in a society to where in which it paces a lot of emphasis on men being tough, being strong, being dominant or being masculine even though some people could argue and say that society doesn’t do that, want that or value that anymore, on the terms of the things that place emphasis on it there are 4 things elements or attributes of society that places.

1.   Other Men/Themselves

The first thing that places a lot of emphasis on the terms of men being tough, dominant and masculine is us men ourselves or other men. That comes in the form of where in which a lot of us men have conformed to his idea of what a man is or supposed to be, on the terms of the fact that a man is supposed to be somebody who doesn’t show his feelings or emotions in provocative situations, especially if it’s the case of where in which he feels sad or upset about something. If he does show it, not all the time, but a lot of times he’ll get condemned or judged for it, or maybe to some cases, get belittled or emasculated for it or gets told to “shake it off” or “man up” and continue, more in by other men, but also by women too, in which with that I’m going to get to later.  That idea also involves the case of where a man is also supposed to be expected to endure and be resilient through pain and hardships in whatever aspect of life it is and if he seems to not be capable of enduring through it, or shows himself to not be able to do it or go through it for whatever reason, he gets seen as being weak or being less than a man for it, even though in reality, that has and can happen to anybody regardless of gender or sex being in that position. It’s also the case of where in which if a man is at the breaking point in life to where in which we expect him to ask for help or where he does need help in the time of need for any situation, even though there are some men out there that do this, not many of us are willing to communicate with each other  help each other or support each other, in which if I were to be personally honest, that being something that women, a lot of times to better or more sufficiently than men, so in that case a lot of us men are put in the situation of where we can either choose to continue on without support or give in from there.

2.        WOMEN
The second thing attribute of society that puts emphasis on men being strong, masculine and tough, believe it or not, is women. Women themselves, to a certain degree and extent, do put an emphasis on men being strong, tough and masculine. The reason of why I say that is based on the fact that when it comes to us men understanding women, even though some of us already know this and at the same time in reality all of us men should already know this and it should be common sense, however, just to reiterate it and remind us of it, we need to understand that when it comes to women being attracted to us, respecting us and having desires of seeing things or certain qualities within us, one of, if not the biggest or main thing that they want to see with us that they’ll respect us, love us for, be proud of us for and submit to us for, even though with that, you have some women out there that argue against that and disagree with that on the terms of whether a women should do that, is us being strong and masculine or us functioning in our natural or God-made and God-given masculine authority or disposition.

The reason of why that is based on the fact, again with some of us men knowing this already, is that when it comes to relationships and marriages, women want protection and security and they expect a man to be able to be strong or assertive enough to take on that responsibility or role. When it comes to protection and security, it’s not just physical protection or security, in which is something that some men might assume or think when they first here that term. Now, to not disregard it, physical protection and physical protection can be a good trait to have, but in my personal opinion, it’s not always necessary or always need based on the fact there more likely not going to be any time or that many times to where in which you are going to need or have to defend your female-counterpart or significant other, physically unless it’s the case of where in which you put in yourself in that situation or due to you being in an environment to where in which you have to do that, with that being my next point after this one, that I’m going to explain in more depth.

Protection and security can also involve the case of it being financial security on the terms of making sure you are financially stable or secure on the terms of money, so that you are financially well enough to take care enough of her. Protection and security can also mean social security on the terms of handling situations carefully that involve her with other people and make sure she isn’t affected negatively by that situation. Protection and security can also mean emotional security on the terms of giving her comfort or emotional support whenever she needs it as well.

However, with that, there a flip side to that and downfall side to that on the terms of the fact that with some women, when it comes to being in relationships with or being married to men, some women can literally be obsessed with a man who is very strong, tough, dominant and masculine, to where in which they will, not only literally put men up on pedestals who are tough or strong and brag and boast about their own an being that, but also from there, some women will take advantage of that masculine disposition or masculine behavior by expecting a man to be their aid of security or defense or call them to be that constantly, especially when it comes to physical protection or physical security, or if they’re in a situation of where in which they’re vulnerable physically and especially if they caused it to occur.

It’s also the case of there being a downfall side for men, on the terms of the fact that some men are so desperate for female validation, attention or respect from women that through that, they will put themselves through any situation that makes them look strong, masculine, dominant and tough or that they think will be the outcome just in order to get it due to the fact that deep down, they don’t feel masculine

E.g. This, in a similar fashion, tends to be a bit of a reason why some men, a very small percentage of men, rather than a lot or most, choose to get in the habit of exercising and going to the gym, in which is a little bit of a common thing in the male community, with that not only being the case of where in which they want to better their physique or physical appearance or get in shape, but they want to it so that they can look more masculine because from a physical standpoint, they don’t feel it, meaning that they feel as if being big an having muscles or having a muscular physique mas them look and feel masculine and also they do it for the sake of the thinking they’ll get more attention from women or become more attractive to women, in which might be the case for some of them, rather than with some of them it won’t.

3 Environment/Communities

The third thing attributes to placing an emphasis on men being strong, dominant and masculine the type of environments that some men can live in or can be raised up in.
When it comes to certain places such as environments or communities, obviously knowing the fact there are environments and communities out there that aren’t established or secure and safe, more in particular on the terms of it being a poor or destitute environment to where in which you don’t have much resources or have to save or fight for everything you get or to keep everything or that type of environment that is very rough and violent and to where in which a lot of crime happens around it, if you look at it carefully, you’ll notice that on average, on the terms of gender, more men tend to live in those types of environments than women, or it tends to be populated with men more than with women. On the terms of people in general who live in that type of environment, it’s either a case of where they were born into that type of environment or community or due to certain circumstances, were forced to move to that environment. So, from there, the process is that with men, until they have the resources to move out of that environment, with a lot of times, it being money that they need mainly, in order to for them to survive, they need to adapt and or conform and take on and handle what the environment brings. That’s where the aspect of being strong and tough in a certain area comes into the picture, whether it being physically or mentally tough.

The fourth attribute to men being strong, tough, dominant and masculine, even though some people could dispute this or disregard it and say it has no relevance to men being it, but if you look at properly, it actually does with that being sports.

When it comes to the world of sports, if you look at it openly, one of the things that is required of people, athletes to be more and precise, to be in it and one of the things that it does to pre-mature athletes or athletes, male or female, on the transition of entering or coming up in the sports industry is that it makes people tough on the terms of different aspects, physical and mental toughness mainly. Especially, when it comes to sports that are very violent or aggressive such as Boxing, Football (Soccer/USA), Rugby (American Football/USA), MMA. Wrestling etc.
Another thing is that the sports industry also advertises and markets athletes who are or have been made tough by the industry in some way shape or form. It’s also the case of where in which when you look at men and their upbringing and when you look up at the influences that they have or who a lot of them look up to as role models if they do have one,  apart from the obvious fact that men tend to follow, be addicted to and be obsessed with sports more, some of their role models are professional athletes, especially in the black African-American community since that is a little bit of a common thing with young black boys looking up to football players and basketball players other than rappers as role models, so in that case, some men will be more provoked to follow their footsteps and be like them and they realize that they have to strong and tough in order to be like that.

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