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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Love: What Does It Mean To Fall & Be In It?

What does it mean to be in love? 

It means to

Show Emotional Affection towards a person whether it's a friend, a relative or a stranger

Show Compassion, Sympathy and Empathy for a person

Devote your heart and being to ONE person

Sacrifice what's necessary to be with a person or Sacrificing to make a person happy

Comfort a person in the time of TROUBLE and TRIBULATION

Forgive person even when they don't deserve it

Accept a person for THEIR FLAWS and their INSECURITIES and making them RISE ABOVE IT

Bond with a person on a DEEP, EMOTIONAL and SOULFUL level

Have a feeling that is INDESCRIBABLE

Have a feeling that's POWERFUL

Have a feeling that's LIFE CHANGING

Pay with a HEAVY PRICE, once you're ready 

Not MISCONSTRUE DEGENERATE and DUMB IT DOWN like this society and generation has done today

Have something that for some people, THEY'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND

Be something that is BLIND in all areas of life, regardless of whether it's RACE, RELIGION, SEXUALITY or CLASS OF WEALTH.

Bring out the BEST in a person knowing that they have the potential to do things that they didn't even realize they were capable of doing

Be the SOLID ROCK and FOUNDATION of every TRUE RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE, especially when it's being put to the test

Be something that's NON-REGRETTABLE

Be a CHOICE to make

Be something that SCARES a lot of people in this generation today

Be the GREATEST form of EVANGELISM that ONE MAN can use to change the world and to start a revolution




Be a FEELING that can CHANGE

Be BLIND towards the IMAGE of a person. It looks directly at the HEART

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