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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Female Bodybuilders & Muscular Women: Reasons For My Attraction For It/Will It Ever Be Embraced As A Form Or Standard Of Beauty For Women?

Now, before I get into this, I just want to say that this might sound weird, abstract or unusual to some people who are reading this based off of the fact that not many people in this society, men especially and more in particular, would be bold and courageous enough to talk about this or admit this, based off the fact that they feel as if they might get judged, perceived in a different way, or treated differently due to admitting it, however, with me personally and on my own individual behalf, I’m just going to be bold and honest and open up and speak my mind about how I really feel on this topic:

First of all, let’s just start off by saying the obvious, with the fact that we live in a society to where in which it has standards, more in particular when it comes to beauty and physical appearance. On the terms of gender or when bringing gender into the mix or the equation, knowing that women, in a lot of cases or a lot of the time, are valued more and based off of that rather than men, and knowing that the ideal or typical and expected standard or look for women to have in order to be seen as beautiful or physically attractive is for her to very slim, skinny or petite in stature or in weight, mainly and regardless and irrespective of contribution factors such as facial features e.g. thin nose, thin lips, coloured eyes, hair colour whether it be blond, brunette, black or skin complexion whether it be white, light-complexed or dark-complexed.

However, with this being obvious, other than the fact that a lot of people try and conform to it, there are exception groups of women out there that try something different or that go out of their way to be something different from that societal idea or standard. There are some groups women out there that, even though they are different, at the same, don’t have to put in any effort in order to try and be different. Instead, they are just accepted as that. With that being said, there is a phrase that comes to mind, that is something that I’ve personally heard or that you’ll hear some, if not a lot of women while also men say, especially women who are or what you would consider to be different from the ideal standard of beauty, with that being “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”. With that, this is where the idea of embracing thick women, women that are chubby and overweight or women that are classified and categorized as “BBW” comes into the picture. With that, it’s also the case of where in which to a degree, even though some people could disagree with this and see it differently, men especially and more in particular, we are starting to see some men embrace women of that appearance and there are some men that like that and find it physically attractive.

However, with that phrase, from what I personally notice, it’s as if it either doesn’t get used to its fullest extent or doesn’t take this group or category of women into consideration or is seen as being the boundary, limit or cut-off limit when it gets brought up for discussion. With this group or category of women, on the terms of society as a whole, if you were to be completely honest and real, not many people, both men and women don’t really accept this as a form of beauty for women and don’t really see it as being physically attractive, but I just want to question it on the terms of the fact of whether it will be embraced or accepted as a form of beauty for women. That group of women comes in the form of women who compete in the sport of weightlifting or bodybuilding or women who have a muscular physique or muscular definition to them, with that being known as “female bodybuilders” or muscular women.

Now, when it comes to female bodybuilders or women that are very muscular in body physique and definition, again, knowing that not many people find appealing or attractive, and applying it to the dating and relationship world in particular, knowing that not many men find it attractive or are intimidated by it, with me being the exception to that and not caring about what anybody thinks, I’m just going to be open and honest say that I personally find them attractive, to the point and extent of where in which they’ve become my preference on the terms of dating.
With no purposeful intention of opening up about my personal life or anything in that similar fashion, on the terms of where my attraction for them came from, it came from the moment I started getting into the process of going to the gym. With me, I have been going to the gym and exercising as a hobby during free time for the past six near to seven years now. During the process of getting into the gym as a habit and during the process of really starting to enjoy it and fall in love with it, one day the daydreaming and occurring thought of what a woman would look like with muscles popped up and came into my head. So one day, I looked it up on the internet and researched it and that’s where I got introduced to the sport of women’s bodybuilding, without even knowing that it was a sport.

The reason of why in which I personally find them attractive and would rather date or be in a relationship with compared to what you would call normal, typical or average looking women is based on the fact that they are different. Different, not just on the terms of physical appearance but also on the terms of character and personality. From what I’ve personally seen or observed, some of them, if not a lot of them are very down to earth. It’s also the case of where of in which with some of them, when it comes to being in a relationship, they’re very supportive, they know how to inspire and motivate you, they know how to keep you driven and disciplined due to the fact that they’re in a sport that requires that, in which is something that I personally view as being a worthwhile and valuable trait to have in a relationship.

However, if I were to look at it on the other side of the fence, speaking on the terms of sympathy and empathy, I do feel sorry for a lot of them, due to the fact that again, they aren’t really accepted, appreciated and embraced that much as being one of the standards of beauty in this society that we live in.  People in general and period are ignorant and close-minded, again, men especially. That also comes in the form of where in which a lot of them are a book being judged by it’s cover, basically meaning that they are judged based off of their physical appearance rather than their personality and character, in which is something that a lot of people, again men especially, are missing out on and is something that this society does in general that I personally don’t agree with it and have an issue with.

I also feel for sorry for them on the terms of the fact that that’s the reason of why in which some of them find it difficult to be in a relationship or find it hard to find a relationship, based on the fact that, you have some them who are quite elder in age and yet still not in a relationship or married even. Even when it comes to dating, you have some of them that have a period of where in which they haven’t been on a date for years, mind talking months or weeks.  However, with some of them, it’s the case of where they have found happiness in a relationship or are happily married to men, some of them, being professional bodybuilders themselves, while some of them aren’t.

It’s also the case of where in which I can personally relate to some of the things that they go through, more in particular when it comes to people seeing them as being intimidating or scarily imposing on the terms of their appearance, based off of the fact that again, speaking from personal experience, with no intention to open up about my life,  going back to when it comes to me and habit for the gym, whenever I do walk out into the public, regardless of where it is whether it’s in a town centre, shopping mall, restaurant, movie theatre, cinema or even in the gym itself at times, while some people have said this and confessed this about me, but not necessarily to case of where they were bold and courageous enough to say it to my face while yet some people have, I do have a sense of where in which people feel intimated of me and by my appearance based off of the way they look at me, more in particular when it comes to me and my physique, men especially more rather than women, even though I get that vibe and sense from them too as well.  Now, speaking on the terms of whether it’d bother me or not, if I were to be completely honest, before during my early years, it did, however, now not as much. Instead I accept it as being the normal thing that comes with it, based on the fact everywhere I go, with me looking like this or being in this shape or physique, there are always going to be some people who judge you based off of appearance but as long as you’re confident in who you are while being around the right people who appreciate you and embrace you for who you are, you shouldn’t worry about or pay any attention to it, due to the fact it’s not your problem that they feel that way towards you, it’s theirs.

So, coming to a conclusive case, I would love to be compatible with them, on the terms of dating or a relationship, based on the fact that I would love to help them by accepting them for who they are, give them love and affection and just be a sense of fresh air and relief to them on the terms of finding a relationship with a man who is willing to accept them for them, because at the end of the day, there still women and they’re still human beings.
Now, when it comes to the question of whether or not muscular women will be embraced, appreciated, or accepted as the standard of beauty for women or a standard of beauty for women, if I were to be personally honest, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it would never happen, but it would be a case of where in which it might be hard or take a while for it to get to that point. However, if you were to be more realistic and sensible, when it comes to it being a potential or futuristic standard of beauty for women overall and just in general, in that case, it would never happen, if I were to be honest, based off of the fact that you have to take into consideration the fact that you have women as well as men, who don’t find it attractive or appealing, and when it comes to that as a form of physical appearance or physique, some if not a lot or the average woman, wouldn’t necessarily want to or have the time to try and dedicate themselves into looking like that, so in that case, it’s not going to happen.

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