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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Relationship & Marriage From A Businessman Standpoint: Is She Worth It Or Not?

Hey Guys, here's an open question that's on my mind. This is mainly aimed at the men in this group but the women in the group can put their input to if they feel the need to insight on it from their perspective. For the men, the question is this:

Let's just say that you have the case scenario of where in which you're a businessman on the terms of you being a CEO, entrepreneur or whatever and you decide that it's time to get in a relationship or get married, if it's the case of where in which you meet a woman who is relationship or marriage materiel on the terms of her character and personality but when it comes to your work or profession on the terms of the business that you run or that you're in charge of or on the terms of your dreams, visions and goals for it, she has no understanding of it or can't seem to relate to it or doesn't seem qualified to assist you or to be beneficial to you and your business, do you think that it's still worth it jumping in the relationship or marriage with her based of her personality and character alone or do you think that it isn't worth it based off of the fact that she can't really fully engage with your business aspect based off of what she has shown about it?

My personal answer to that I wouldn't bother jumping in the relationship or marriage with her based on the fact that it's not useful or usable being in a relationship with her or being married to her on the terms it being beneficial to my business. I mean no disrespect or offence to break her heart or hurt her feelings and no disrespect to her because of her personality and character but there would be no full and complete chemistry because of her lacking in that area.In that case, I might as well just stay friends, associates or acquaintances with her, or in other words, I'll friend zone her, even though I don't really like using that term because I think it's silly in my honest opinion and a lot of women use it more rather than men. The relationship or marriage is pointless because of that based on the fact that, in order for her to support me and my vision, dreams, goals and aims for my business, it needs to be the case of where understands it and gets a full grasps of it first and because she doesn't have that, it's not worth going down that road or down that route

On the other hand, looking at it on a more positive note, I could choose and decide to marry her, but if it's the case of where in which she lacks in that area in particular, I'll try and persuade and advertise to her to start her own business or to do her own thing independently for the sake of there being more common ground

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