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Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Thoughts And Feelings For You

Even though you probably might not see this, I just want to be honest and real and speak from the heart and say and express how I really feel on the terms of the fact that I really do like you and want to pursue a real relationship with you. From the very time we spoke, we just clicked on and had this chemistry and compatibility that was out of the world, that it blew mind every time we spoke.We click and get on so abstractly well and can relate to each other in so many ways. It's as if every time I talk to you and when I'm with you,  things just feel easy for me, on the case of the fact I can be myself around you. I don't even have to put on a front when I'm with you and when I talk to you. The amazing thing is that I don't even struggle to open up myself to you or have to force myself to do it. I just do it fluently, thoroughly and freely. The number one thing that stands out is the benefit of what we have together with that being that we accept each other for who we are regardless of the flaws that we show in front of each other. On the terms of your personality, character and heart, you are literally everything, and I mean it literally without bragging or putting you on a pedestal too much, EVERYTHING that I want in a WOMAN: BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, SMART, CARING, UNDERSTANDING, STRONG-MINDED. However, what I really do like the most is your SPIRIT, in which is what I really fell love with. I also like how willing you are to be there for me, support me, be advisory and encouraging for me and willing to go out on the limb and sacrifice yourself for me and if we were in a relationship, I promise you, with me literally meaning this from the bottom of my heart, I would do everything thing in my power, being and ability to do the same and give you that back in return.I will be loyal and faithful to you from the heart, try my best to support you in everything you do, try my best to keep you protected and secure in every way possible, and try my best to stem your physical, mental and emotional needs.  I will treat you right with the respect and honour you deserve and love you with all my heart and love you unconditionally just like how much you have done to me.I would show you that I'm far different from the other men and that I'm that once in a lifetime friend. You're worth it to me and if you just give me a chance and let my actions speak louder than words, believe me and trust me, you won't regret it

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