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Friday, 17 February 2017

Male Celebrity Response To Woman Pursuing Relationship With Him

Here's the thing with this: First of all, let's me just start of by saying that you're a very beautiful and attractive woman. personality and character wise, you're very lovely and from the amount of time that we've gotten to know each other and spend with each other, I know and can tell that you like me and want to pursue a relationship with me, so the fact that you're asking me or telling me this doesn't really necessarily surprise me or enlighten me, so thank you for being honest and brave enough to tell me how you feel about me and towards me and what's on your chest and heart on the terms of your feelings. I really do appreciate that and respect that and if I were to be honest with you, the feeling is mutual respect on the terms of the fact that I feel the same way and I also would like to be in or pursue a real, meaningful and sustainable or substantial relationship with you but the thing is this:

All I want from you is this one condition, with that being the determining factor of whether I choose to accept you as my girlfriend and go forward with this relationship. Now, with this, I'm going to be honest, real, straight to the point and blunt with you and I don't want you to have this perception of where it's as if I'm judging you, being paranoid, putting you under scrutiny or accusing you of anything or forgive me if it does come across as being that way because I'm not but at the same time, let's just set the record straight, clean the platter and clear the air for a minute. If you're going to be in a relationship with me, answer this question with pure and real honesty:

When it comes to getting in a relationship with me, do you want to get with me because you actually like me for me and who I am as a person or do you want to use me or being in a relationship with me as a gateway ticket to blow up and enter this industry, or is it the case of where you're desperate to get famous and you choose my name as your bounce off platform, because you have to understand this from my perspective, with that being that with me being industry and with me being in the position that I'm at right now, I have came across so many women who approach me, showing me interest on the terms of a relationship, but a lot of times I don't know what their real intentions are, whether it being wanting me for me or for my money or lifestyle or just to get more publicity or public attention and notoriety. It's also the case of where the industry has an epidemic of women doing that with men, so I'm just trying to be smart, wise and careful here. That's why I'm asking you this, due to the fact that if you were to get one thing straight; You are not, and I repeat NOT, going to use me as a gateway ticket to come in, come up and blow up in this industry

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