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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Leadership Is More Than Just Inspiration & Motivation

When it comes to the terms of leadership and inspiration and motivation, it's the case of where in which I said before that leadership is more than just inspiration and motivation and that inspirational and motivational speakers aren't necessarily leaders but more so just givers, here's am example to show and explain what I'm talking about:

E.g. When you're in a point and time of lacking motivation, a motivational speaker will tell you the common saying and phrase of "you can do anything if you just believe in yourself".

Even though that is true, the deal is that how they are supposed to do that? They aren't telling you how to believe in ourselves because believe it or not, when it comes to believing in yourself, there's a process that comes with it. There is a sequence of things that have to be done in order for to be done. Believing in yourself takes the deal of these five thing in order to work

1. Get your mind and way of thinking on point and on track by having a vision for your life or finding out and discovering your passion in life
2. Set yourself goals and targets daily
3. Test yourself on the terms of achieving those goals
4. Be around positive people that are going to support you and uplift you I.e. Family, Friends
5. Give the qualities of hard work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice to it every single day.

 That is the deal with an inspirational and motivational speakers, with that being that they show you the way but they don't give direction on what to do on the terms of that way. They don't dissect and break things down for you in specific detail, in which is what a leader is supposed to do.

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