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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Leaders Discern Followers Who Are Serious And Who Aren't

Even though this should be common sense to people, especially the ones who have experience being in this situation and even though people in general should know this but, when it comes to the terms of leadership and followers, it should always be a case of where in which leaders discern to see if their followers are actually serious and people are willing to follow them and their agenda, because the common sense aspect of leadership is that there are going to be times of where you're going to approach people who aren't serious, who aren't really willing to follow you and who aren't really willing to accept what you have to offer. When it comes to the terms of the people who aren't serious, it will either be a case of where in which they'll either show that they aren't really serious, aren't following the agenda of their leader and aren't really appreciating what their leader is offering through their actions or deep down aren't serious, aren't willing to follow and aren't really appreciating what their leader is offering but will put on a front and image and act like they are serious and are willing to appreciate them just to get something from them that they see as beneficial or to feel good and adequate. However, the deal is that when it comes to leadership, you are going to have to accept the fact that you have a variety of leaders out there in the world or different categories of leaders out there and when you apply the aspect of God into the picture or the equation, you're going to have to accept the fact that there are leaders out there that don't believe in God. The case with those types of leaders is that they'll be the type of people that will come across people that will blatantly show that they aren't serious but for some of them it will be hard to discern, whether as when it comes religious or spiritual leaders or leaders who believe in God, they'll come across people who aren't serious put will put on a front as if they are serious but some of them will or will be expected to discern

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