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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Are Women Evolving Into Or Becoming Better Leaders More Than Men Today?

Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. With this QUESTION, even though it might be a bit hard or difficult to admit the truth on this, especially for us MEN, even though it's very easy to be bias on a topic like this and knowing that it's capable of turning into a hot topic, let's just be 100% COMPLETELY REAL and HONEST here and have a GENUINE and SINCERE conversation and discussion. The question is based on gender and roles and positions in society. When asking this question, my intention isn't to promote an argument, debate, gender conflict, gender politics, gender competition, gender beef, gender war or anything else like that or similar to that, so let's be respectful towards each other & sensible when answering the question by saying things aren't offensive or disrespectful to the opposite gender and thinking carefully before we type, especially if it's the case of where in which were criticizing each other or stating and identifying out the flaws or issues that the other gender has. Both genders can answer this. The question is this:
When it comes to the terms of gender, with that being men and women, and when it comes to the terms of roles and positions, more in particular when it comes to leadership roles, managerial roles, supervisory roles and other roles and positions of power and authority, applying that to today's society or today's generation, do you honestly think that it's the case of where in which both genders are swapping positions that we, in a lot of cases, stereo-typically or naturally and expectingly see them as being built for?
Or in other words, do you honestly think that it's the case of where in which we're seeing a drastic rise on the terms of women acquiring the role of leadership and becoming very active and dominant with it now, regardless and irrespective of what area or category of society it is, whether it's in relationships, marriages, the family home or family household, academics and education, business, sports, entertainment, religious institutions such as the church, politics, law enforcement, the medical sector or just in the world of work as a whole,in general and across the board even, or even when it comes to being a just being a role model or person of admiration or influence that people all over the world look up to, to where in which it's starting to become a so-called "woman's world" as some people call it more rather than men in that position, and do you honestly think that it's the case of where a lot of men today have given up on the aspect of the leadership role, stopped functioning in it or gone soft and lazy being in that position or have gone soft on the terms of mentoring and teaching young boys how to be men when they're older or the essence of manhood or how to operate in masculine function, as some women have complained about before and currently complain about as that being an issue with a lot of men today, even though some people say that we still live in a patriarchal or dictatorship society where men are the head of everything and like to control everything?
If so or if not, tell me why in your honest opinion tell me why. I want to see it from both perspectives
P.S. With this question, I have my personal answer and opinion to it, but I want to see what everyone else or other people think, or what's their opinion or stance on this

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  1. Well, my question is: can you point to any women today who are better leaders than men ? If so, can we bring them to the USA, because the women in this country in leadership roles are truly horrible excuses for human beings.


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