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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Anger: An Emotion Not Easy To Hold In

One thing that people need to understand about and realize about anger is that anger is an emotion that isn't easy to hold in, especially and more in particular when it comes to there being a lot of it. That's the reason of why in which it's natural for us as human beings for us to loose our temper whenever we approach or are in a situation that deals with reaction of instinct, regardless of who we are, with that includes people who claim that they don't have anger issues or have never had an issue with anger or being bad-tempered, due to the fact that anybody can be that or have that. It's even the case of where with people who bully other people literally shows you that anger, aggression, frustration and rage is an emotion that isn't easy to hold in, due to the fact that that is what a bully is, with a bully being a person that has so much anger, aggression, frustration and rage to where in which, in order to let it all out or express it, they need to pick on somebody who is below them in a certain aspect or see as being weak or vulnerable in some way shape or form, with that being what bullying does with it making you an angry and aggressive person

That's the reason of why in which I respect people who've been bullied before or picked on and mocked constantly for some period during their lives, whether it be childhood, teenage years or adulthood and not retaliate back because it takes a lot of strength to hold in. Believe it or not, there are people out there that are like that. There are people out there that have been bullied, whether it's for certain part of their lives or  all their lives and yet have not conformed to the normal or expected and predicted psychological process by bullying other people or transforming into a bully themselves. They had the strength to hold it in. That's what makes a bully weak other than the cowardice or fear aspect if not more rather than that, since that is what a bully is also with it being a coward.. They are weak on the terms of the fact that they weren't able to hold in all that anger and aggression with that coming from them being bullied themselves.

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