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Thursday, 2 February 2017

3 Potential Reasons/Causes Behind Women Who Abuse Men In Relationships & Marriages

1. Letting go of past trauma or past frustration of the number of men who've hurt her in past relationships. That can come in the form of them being rejected by men, them being lied to by her past boyfriend, them being cheated on constantly by their past boyfriends or them being taken advantage of by their past boyfriends. It can even be a direct-link case of them being physically abused or being a victim of physical abuse themselves by their past boyfriends. It can go further down the line with it stemming from their childhood based off of the fact they might have been physically abused by ...one of their male relatives whether it was their father, uncle, step-father, granddad or whoever. It might have been a case of where they were bullied during their childhood and teenage years by boys or men through the form of constantly being picked on and made fun of for specific reasons whether it was their appearance on the terms of their height, their weight, their facial or body features etc or something more severe and specific with it being a disability or health problem. From there, it made them very insecure.

Now, speaking from and looking at it from a psychological standpoint, what would happen next, would be the case of where a resentment for men would grow internally, plus they might do the stuff of where they complain about men, stereotype men and put and lump all men into one category and judge them all as being the same, in which is something a lot of women usually do when experiencing bad ends in relationship with men, especially if it’s the case of where it’s been a constant or continuous experience. Then if it’s the case of where when they enter a relationship again and give another man a chance, out of fear or paranoia and the assumption that the man that they’re with might do what the other men from their past relationships did, especially if it’s the case of where they were abused, they might start to do things such as nag the man, verbally abuse the man, on the terms of insulting him, belittling him and trying to put him down or then maybe, from there, physically abuse the man if they feel as if they have to be on the defense physically, because they’re afraid or paranoid of the fact that the man is going to abuse them physically, even though he’s not.

2. She probably grew up seeing her mother abuse her father or do that in defence of her father abusing her, basically meaning that her mother fought back and retaliated physically or defended herself physically or grew up being taught that that is the way you treat a man or react to a man if he doesn't give you what you want. Coming off of that, it can be the case of where in which their mother taught them that that is what you do if a man hits you or that’s the way you react if a man doesn’t give you what you want and then from there, that’s where she grew up with that philosophy or technique that is the way situations like that are supposed to be handled when it comes to relationships or marriages . With this, this tends to be the same reason of why some men abuse women in relationships , based off the fact that they grew up in a house where they saw their mother getting physically abused or beat down or grew up in a household where they were taught that in order to rule a household, you're supposed to control women.

3. She grew up in a household in which was filled with and surrounded by boys or was taught how to be strong or assertive and tough by men to where in which she adapted that masculine behaviour. This tends to be a reason that not many people tend to realize or believe, but with this it can be the case sometimes, with that being they probably grew up in a household where they didn’t have a mother-figure and where it was just surrounded by boys or where they were taught how to be strong, tough and on the defence physically by a lot of men in their life, meaning that they had no older female influences on the terms of how to be a lady and how to act feminine, so what they did was they adapted masculine traits or masculine behaviour or started to do things that we would expect boys or men to do or associate with men, due to the fact that they’ve been around masculine energy for so long. Examples of this can come in the form of if they were into stuff like play-fighting when they were younger in which is something that a lot of boys do when they’re at a young age more rather than girls, wrestling each other, grappling each other etc. If they were into self-defence sports when she was younger such as MMA with things such as Karate, Ju Jitisu, Tai Kwon Do, Thai Boxing or Kick Boxing, with those sports also being known as a good way of expressing and getting rid of anger and aggression, they might have gotten it from there and then the anger issues stemming from the fact that she was bullied, due to the fact that that is what bullying does with that being it makes you an angry and aggressive person.

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