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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Word Of Ecouragment For Men: Building Up Your Self-Esteem Around Women & Being Self-Assured For Your Own Sake

When it comes to the terms of us as men and when it comes to us building our confidence around women or being self-assured around women for better phrase, one of the ideas and tactics that a lot of us have and try and do that I personally think is the wrong idea and tactic and a bit of a misconception, even though some people could disagree, is the form where a lot of us think that trying to socially approach and go for a girl or woman who is "out of your league" sort of speak, on the terms of looks and physical appearance is going to boost up our confidence or better our self-esteem. The reason of why I think it's a wrong idea or wrong tactic and it's not going to work effectively is based on the fact that, if it's the case of where in which you are dealing with self-esteem issues in general, when it comes to the  terms of trying to approach a girl or woman who is physically attractive, six to nine times out of ten,, you're not going to able to hold a conversation with her or communicate clearly and fluently due to nervousness and fear and then from there if it's the aspect of where she rejects you or doesn't take you serious due to her not necessarily feeling you or not really vibing with you, the end result of that is going to be the case of where you're self-esteem is going to get dampened down even more and get lowered down even more.

However, looking at it beyond that and looking at it in a different view point, even though this may sound a bit obvious to say but when it comes to the terms of us as men and building up our self-esteem around women or us trying to validate ourselves through women, first of all, even though those two things of building up your self-esteem around women and trying to get female attention are two completely different things and even though in general we've been taught and trained to do that whether it's by older men such as our fathers, uncles, brothers or social circles with that being our friends, with that being the case, a lot of times, there are exceptions to every rule, meaning that there are out there that don't need women female attention to validate themselves and are already confident in themselves regardless of that.

On that subject in particular, for me personally, even though some people could disagree with this, but it's as if trying to get female attention or attention from women or being desperate and eager for it is so overrated and played out now, to where if you do it, it shows an immature, childish and childlike side to yourself as a man or in other words, it's something that little boys do. Especially, if it's the case of where you're trying to use, take advantage of and exploit something that you're meant to take serious or something that's meant to be beneficial for yourself on the terms of personal development or development, improvisation and progression of a group or community of people only to try and get it, with that being something that some men out there do, especially the ones who are held in high regard and are in high positions of authority, influence, power, praise, respect and who have platforms do, believe it or not and women, especially the ones who tend to be very desperate, needy, clingy or have a lot of emotional baggage to them, a lot of times tend to be too gullible and naive to see it.

With some men out there, they don't care if they get female attention or attention from women if they have a platform or not. They are just focused on their goals and aims for success or the future, regardless of what happens or who and what comes along the way or the message that they have to deliver, regardless of who is hearing it and seeing it. It's also based on the fact that some women that you're trying to get attention from aren't worth the time of day to impress, with that being that if you do something successfully that does draw their attention and you do manage to get them because of that, they probably aren't going to give you anything of quality back in return, especially on the terms of a relationship.

With that being said and with my intention of expanding on that more, with this part being the most intentionally direct, with it being towards men in particular, I just want to say that with this, this is something I had an argument or debate with somebody about that I forgot to say and missed to say due to the fact that it didn't come to mind. I want to get it off my chest due to the fact that it's feels very heavy due to me not saying and I feel that this is of excellent use on the terms of the wisdom, words of advice and words of encouragement within it. With this, I'm going to be utterly and completely real and honest and talk directly from the heart. Again, this is mainly aimed at men, with it being very applicable to teenage boys as well, and it based on the topic of women and for the women who are reading this, due to the fact that that might be the case while this article is being read, I beg of you and beseech you to please don't take offense to this, take this the wrong way or take it as if I'm stereotyping you, generalizing you and lumping you all into one category, taking shots at you or writing a hate speech towards you, because I'm not. I love women, respect women and hold women dear to my heart due to the fact that I was the only boy in a family raised up in single parent household surrounded around women, so I know what women are like enough and I do see the type of things that they go through, but at the same time, like the saying goes, "nobody's perfect" and applying that to women, that means that they have flaws and imperfections to that needs to be identified and worked on, as well as men have and do as well. Again, if I were to be honest, it's not aimed at every single one of you but for some of you, it applies to you very well. What I want to say is this:

To the men who are reading this article right now, if you are that type of man that is dealing with low self-confidence or self-esteem issues, much more in particular when it comes to the terms of being confident and self-assured around women, and if it's the case of where in which you're trying to build up your self-esteem or self-confidence up around women by trying to go and start a social conversation or build rapport with every women or girl that is out of your league or beyond your format, again, more so on the terms of looks and physical appearance or trying to start or build rapport with a girl or women that everyone and labels as being physically attractive for the purpose of trying to impress her or get her attention or if you think that that technique is going to work due to the fact that us men, especially when we are at the age of being young boy or teenager, are taught that that is the right thing to do when building up relationships with women or building up our self-esteem around women, I'm telling you for your own sake and sense of personal development, stop it right now because you're wasting your time.

The deal is that when I say that, I'm not saying it on the terms of condemning you, trying to be-little you or knock down your self-esteem even more or anything else other that. I'm saying it in a positive way or as a way of encouraging you, with the reason being based on the fact that, first of all, again like I said before, the idea or tactic or technique of trying to impress a girl or woman who in which everyone else sees as being physically attractive on a social scale or trying to build up your self-esteem or self-confidence by trying to talk and start a conversation or build a rapport with every girl or woman that passes you by is so overrated and played out, it's platitudinous now.

The second thing is that if you do end up having a social conversation with a girl or woman that is physically attractive, with the motive of pursuing a friendship or relationship with her, again,like I said before, not all the time but, six to nine times out of ten, she's going to reject you or appear as if she's not interested in you or not take yon serious or give you a chance based off of the fact she's not feeling you, because the deal is that with women like that, not only is it the case of where they can easily tell or identify a man who has low self-esteem as much as it is the same thing with men towards women, on the terms of the fact that they can easily identify a woman with low self-esteem as well, but it's also the case of where in which with woman who are like that, with them being seen as physically attractive while also very confident at the same time, not all of them, but a lot of them already have that tendency of already knowing what they want, whether it's from a man or in a relationship, and a lot of times, they sort of judge that or get a sense of that off of appearance, in which is something that this society in general does and teaches of in which I personally don't agree with to a degree, or first impression of how you come across as a person when you first meet more rather and because it's a case of where you aren't at a stage to where you appear confident enough or assertive enough, she more likely won't bother with you, due to the fact that women in general like a confident man or with that being with anybody regardless of gender when looking at from the opposite side.

However or on the other hand, the third thing, in which with this being the most important and vital thing for you that I want you to take heed of and listen to is that some of these girls or women that you go or try to impress and get attention from, probably aren't even worth your time or attention, not just based on their attitude or personality and character, in which is the issue, at times, if not a lot of times with women like that but also based on the fact that they probably won't have anything to offer you if you got in and entered a real or actual relationship with them.

With some of these women out here, it's the case of where in which once you put in all that effort in to try and impress them and win them over and then once you get them and enter a relationship with them, they probably won't be or were never the right fit for you in the and they probably won't even be the right person to suit your needs when it comes to a relationship in the first place, on the terms of the fact that she might not be very smart and wise, she probably won't be loyal to you, she might not be faithful to you, she might not appreciate you on the terms of all the things you do for her in a relationship, she might not be supportive of you, she might end up being selfish or inconsiderate in the relationship, she might end up being lazy or she might not really love you for you, so at the end of the day, it would you show that all that process of getting her attention, trying to impress her and trying to win her over was just a waste of time.

So, the moral of the story and message for all of you men who are reading this now is just to focus on you, being yourself, developing yourself into being the best person you can possibly be and developing yourself into the best man you can be, not for the sake of a woman or anybody else but yourself. In simple words, be ambitious. Focus and put attention on what you want to achieve for the future whether it comes to school, college, university, a job or work or your talent and hobby if anything else. That is what would build up your self-esteem and self-confidence. Sometimes, it's not worth it putting your attention on girls or women. Only do it when the time is right or when you meet a woman who has shown you that she is worth it by being loyal to you, caring for you, being there for you, helping you, understanding you, being faithful to you, being sacrificial for you, not being judgmental towards you, supporting you and respecting you. If she doesn't do that, then you're not the problem. She is based off of the fact she's doesn't know a good man when she sees one or more likely she has never been taught what it takes to cater to a good man.

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