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Monday, 9 January 2017

What Type Of Man Are You?

Even though this may sound a bit obvious to say but when it comes to the terms of us as men and building up our self-esteem around women or us trying to validate ourselves through women, first of all, even though those two things of building up your self-esteem around women and trying to get female attention are two completely different things and even though in general we’ve been taught and trained to do that whether it’s by older men such as our fathers, uncles, brothers or social circles with that being our friends, with that being the case a lot of times,there are exceptions to every rule, meaning that there are out there that don’t need women female attention to validate themselves and are already confident in themselves.

For me personally, and some people could disagree with this, but it's as if trying to get female attention or attention from women or being desperate or eager for it is so overrated and played out now, to where if you do it, it shows an immature side to yourself as a man or in other words, it’s something that little boys do. Especially, if it's the case of where you're trying to use, take advantage of and exploit something that you're meant to take serious or something that's meant to be beneficial for yourself on the terms of personal development or  development and progression of a group or community of people only to try and get it, with that being something that some men out there do, especially the ones who are held to high position of authority, influence and power or praise and respect and who have platforms do, believe it or not and women, especially the ones who tend to be very, desperate and have a lot of emotional baggage to them, a lot of times tend to be too gullible and naive to see it.

With some men out there,  they don’t care if they get female attention or attention from women if they have a platform or not. They are just focused on their goals and aims for success or the future regardless of what happens or who and what comes along the way or the message that they have to deliver, regardless of who is hearing it and seeing it. It's also based on the fact that some women that you’re trying to get attention from aren’t worth the time of day to impress, with that being that if you do something successfully that does draw their attention and you do manage to get them because of that, they probably aren’t going to give you anything of quality back in return, especially on the terms of a relationship.

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