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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Views & Outlooks on Success: Misconceptions Of It, Ending Results After Attempts & Gender Standpoint Of It

We live in a world to where in which a lot of people, if not everybody, in which it should be in reality, wants to be successful or be somewhere attainable in life. Success is something that most people living and breathing on this earth want to be and have almost to where in which it's a natural desire for us as human beings. However, when it comes to the terms of success, regardless of what area or category of life it's in, whether it's in school, college, university, job, work, business, academics, education, sport or music etc., other than the fact that a lot of people, with that including preachers and motivational speakers, only talk about what it takes to get there or achieve it, as people and as human beings, we do tend to have misconceptions or wrong beliefs about it as well.

One of those misconceptions and beliefs that we as people tend to have about it comes in the form of where we try to equate it to knowledge on the terms of the fact that we tend to believe that the more successful a person is, especially if it's the case of where in which they've achieved success continuously or consistently without failing once or at single time or single moment, the more knowledge they get or a person becomes or in other terms or simplified saying, the people who are the most successful are often in a lot of cases the most knowledgeable.

Now, even though there is a lot of truth to that in some instances, the deal about that is that that isn't always true or always the case. Just because a person is very successful at everything or has achieved success continuously and consistently in everything, that doesn't always mean that they are knowledgeable to talk to or have the most knowledge in certain things. Another thing is that when it comes to failure, just because a person has failed constantly in certain things, that doesn't always mean that they aren't knowledgeable or don't have understanding of things. Even though it might sound hard to believe or even though a lot of people fail to come into grasps & reality of this, believe it or not, there are people out there who have literally failed constantly in things but when you speak to them on a certain vibe or level, whether it's personal, emotional, honest, real, philosophical level or even an intellectual level,  they have more knowledge and understanding than people who have achieved the greatest amount of success or achieved success constantly. Again like the saying goes, "don't judge a book by it's cover"

However, if you were to go a bit further, dissect it down & look at it in more depth and detail, when it comes to succeeding at things, failing at things and doing things at certain attempts, even though this is arguable and debatable and some people may disagree with it and see it differently due to the fact that I'm applying this off of personal experience but, I personally tend to notice that there tends to be a difference on the terms of the real and true ending result or ending benefit of people who fail at certain attempts and people who succeed at certain attempts, with that being with people who fail at certain attempts and then go back again to try and succeed, whether it being their first, second, third attempt or so on and so forth before the actual moment of where they finally succeed, a lot of times, the real and true or end benefit for them is that a lot of them develop in-depth knowledge of things, a lot of them have wisdom, a lot of them are good at speaking the truth on a lot of things and a lot of them are good at being observant analytical and critical from my personal observation. With that being said, this reminds me of a phrase and saying that one my very close friends who is a businessman or entrepreneur for better wording, told me, with that being that "You become wiser and smarter when you realise how little you know" with that stemming from what a well-known entrepreneur named Dr Boyce Watkins said with that being that "The key to knowledge is understanding how little you" and applying that to failure and success, with people who have achieved success constantly or continuously without failing, that's the issue that they have, with that being that they don't necessarily how little they know when it comes to the amount of success that they've achieved on the terms of each part of it. What they do a lot of times is just look at the superficial or outside aspects of it in which at certain times, isn't always enough. With that being said, going back to that phrase of knowledge and understanding meaning how little you know, to summarize or to say it in a less complied way, that phrase basically means to look at things in more depth and think deeper because through that you'll get much more knowledge, revelation and understanding, however the deal is that we live in a society where not many people can do or are willing to do that.

On the other hand, going back to success and failure, again from personal experience, I guess that is the case based off the fact that when you fail at something and then go back again to try and succeed at it, there is a case of where in which you do tend to take heed of little pieces of information that you didn't come across before and because of that, it does tend to be very useful for advantage without you even knowing it when you apply it and it does make you a little bit more smarter and wiser so that next time when you go and try to attempt the same thing that you failed at before, you can not only be successful but use that information for different situations as well, making you an ounce more knowledgeable than some people and then leading you do all of those things that I mentioned above.

Again, however or on the other hand, with people who continuously or constantly achieve success after every single attempt without even failing once, again from what I personally notice, a lot of them in certain cases just work off of memory and information, in which isn't always useful in certain situations especially in a very advanced situation, more rather than grabbing full knowledge and understanding of things like people who fail at certain attempts and go back again to try and succeed. With the people who succeed continuously without failing once, after they succeed and move on, with some of them if not a lot of them, a lot of the time they tend to let the success get to their head and become so full of themselves or overconfident and because of that, the worst case scenario will be that they will forget the things that they've learned, rather than people who fail at certain attempts who will more likely retain what they've learned due to them going back and trying again in order to succeed. Also, another thing is that with a lot of people who continue to succeed a constant rate when it comes to attempts, they're just good at inspiring you and motivating you, in which again isn't a bad thing however isn't good enough or won't be good enough at times where you need guidance or information and knowledge on specific things. This is the reason of why some people say that you're at a better advantage if you fail at a first attempt rather than succeed at a first and this is the reason of why some people say that the first step to real and true success is failing due to the fact that tends to be the special ending benefit or ending result of it, more rather than it just being a learning curve.

When it comes going a bit more in depth with one of those end results or ending benefits that I didn't mention earlier on or before, other than it being made to humble yourself, in which is something that you'll hear a lot of people talk about when it comes to humility in which is true that for some people that it does, another thing about failure that makes it beneficial in some cases is that it can slow your process of life down. When it comes to success, one disadvantage thing about success, with this being something that a lot of people tend to not come into reality with even though some people do know this, is that when or if you achieve it continuously or constantly, it very capable of rushes your process and purpose of life and causes your paste of life to go to go to fast if not careful.

Now, going back to the terms of success and achieving it, even though my intention when writing this article wasn't to talk about this, just to bring this up when you look at it specifically from a gender standpoint, more so from a man's perspective in particular, there are some people that say that a man's success has a lot to deal with the type of woman he chooses to be in his life, more so on the terms of the woman he chooses to get in a relationship with or gets married to, more rather than family whether that being a relative such as his mother, sisters, grandmother, aunt or female friends and associates in which also can or are capable of being strong, virtuous or valuable female influences on the terms of a man achieving success in life on the case of them being very moral-filled, caring, guiding or full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. To counter-argue that and to refute that, the deal with that is that that is not always the case.

The answer or argument that I have towards that is that if you were to be realistic, anybody's success, regardless and irrespective of gender or sex, with that meaning & being man or woman and with that capable of being said if that statement was said in the opposite sequence of where somebody said that a woman's success has a lot to do with the type of man she chooses to be in his life, in which again isn't always the case, is more based on their mind-set and their ability to focus, willingness to dedicate, be determined, driven and sacrifice themselves or sacrifice what's necessary to achieve what they want. Besides, going back to that statement and again looking at it from a gender standpoint, even though, yes a woman can be the backbone support of a man's success, just as much and at the same time, even though some people might disagree with this or possibly get offended by this with no intention to condemn or disrespect, but a woman can also be the roadblock to a man's success or the cause and reason of why he's not prospering, progressing, or succeeding in life, whether it's on the terms of him being with the wrong one or wrong type of woman due to her bad personality and character traits such as being selfish & inconsiderate, lazy, unsupportive, unfaithful, unloyal or her not understanding a man's dream, goals, visions and aims or him being with the right one but at the wrong time with that case meaning that it's more so the relationship being a barrier and stopping block rather than the woman herself and that meaning that it's the relationship that's slowing your paste of life down, due to the fact a relationship, is capable of doing that, as much as some people say that marriage does it more or meant to do it more rather than a relationship or has more of an affect with that being the result, even though that's another topic for discussion

The thing about that is that you can look at that even look at it from a biblical perspective or apply the bible to it on the terms of the fact that even the bible shows you that, with that being something that's satisfactory for all the Christians, Religious & Spiritual people or people who believe in God who are reading this article right now will know about. It's also the case of where in which when success, relationships & marriages gets brought up for discussion in religious settings or religious institutions such as the church or the mosque, it's gets talked about even though now, it isn't getting discussed as much for some reason, more in particular with the church and it's as if not many people are aware of this and don't know of this or have forgotten about this or are just plain out ignorant towards this.

When you look at the bible, it actually shows you this from both perspectives of a woman being the foundation support behind a man's success and woman being the cause of catastrophe in a man's life. Now, although you have mandatory or cumpulsory examples in the bible such as in the book of Ephesians chapter 5, where it talks about wives submitting to their husbands and husbands loving and respecting their wives due that being the doctrine for marriage that a lot of christians, religious, & spiritual people follow, other examples come in the form of where in the book of Proverbs chapter 31 where it talks about the words of the mother of the character known as King Lemuel and one of the things that she says to him or that he mentions that she says, in which is very profound, is where it says in verse 3 in which states "Do not give your strength to women, nor your ways to which that destroys kings" in which basically means to not give into the temptation of a woman, more so if it's on the level of lust, sexual fantasy, sexual fetish or sexual pleasure, or other things that can destroy and mess up the life of a man or be the downfall of a man. Looking at that specifically and in particular, examples of that in the bible can come in the form of the story of Samson and Delilah, David and Bathsheba, Solomon and Joseph and Potiphar's wife nearly. However, looking at it on the other hand, going back to Proverbs 31, in the rest of the chapter, it talks about the virtuous wife or the noble woman and what that is supposed to be or mean to a man on the terms again on the terms of marriage, although it also talks about what that means on the terms of a woman developing herself on the terms of her character as well, so even from that standpoint, it shows you both sides of that perspective.

However, other than that, it's also the case of where now, finding a woman who is willing to support you as a man and go the distance with you is starting to become rare now, in my honest opinion, since we live in a society to where some women don't give men any respect anymore and again, people can disagree with that and see it differently. With that, some people can say that because it's a case of where in which we are starting to see a rise of women becoming more independent now and do things on their own and know it's the case of where in which we are starting to let women in on taking the leadership role more, in which is true in some cases, there's no need for them to do that when they are doing their own thing, in which is understandable. On the other hand, going back to the point, it's only the case of where a lot of women will support and go the distance for a man who has already achieved success on his own, due to the fact that that in particular is possible and due to the fact that that is the doctrine, philosophy and technique that women are taught when it comes to relationships, with that being that when you get with a man with success, you get with the one who's already achieved success on his or made it on his own without any help, not with the man who is on the travelling route or journey to achieving success, because in that case or instance, they see that as the case of where he hasn't achieved anything yet, even though now it's a case of you have a lot of women starting to wake up and smell the coffee by realizing that that isn't the best solution to being in a successful relationship with a man who is successful, so in that case, they were taught wrong. However in reality, that support and going the distance with the man who has already achieved success on his own, is not all the time but at certain times, a front and cover-up for the fact that she wants something out of his success for herself and herself only and she is just using him just for his success and his wealthy, fulfilling and active lifestyle.

On the other hand, looking at it on the terms of a female-counterpart standpoint or in other words, applying women to that situation, that tends to be an issue that some women have based off of the fact that it is only the case of where in a man is very successful or doing something big and major in his life that women will then want him and desire him and not necessarily on the case of him being enrouted to the case of success or on the travelling journey to success, in which isn't always the best option to do depending on specification of the situation or circumstance, in which again, can tie into another topic for discussion

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