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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Pain - Is It Always Necessary To Endure?

When it comes to the terms of pain, regardless of what is or where it's coming from whether it's physical pain from strenuous exercises or suffering due to trials, tribulations and hardships in life, with exceptions to that being symptoms of physical disabilities or diseases that causes it, for some reason, us as human beings are made to believe and taught that because we can handle it for a temporary moment, that gives us the right to keep on enduring through it for a certain period of time, whether it's an hour, day or a lifetime because it perceives us as being strong or were taught that it's going to make us strong or tough. That is true in some cases of life but not all. In a lot of cases of life, if it's the case of where in which you are continuing to run to that thing that is giving you pain, regardless of how much it is, if you were to be realistic, that's not always necessarily the case of you being strong, it's more so the case of you not being smart on the terms of the fact that you're not being aware on the terms of how to avoid it, because the deal is that in some cases of life, pain can be avoided when its necessary, but again, people are too obsessed with going through it, us men especially since we live in a society to where in which men are expected to be strong, tough and endure more and expected to be the dominant and stronger sex due to our physicality representation on the terms of having more physical strength and body mass on average and also due to us having the expectation of being leaders and protectors for our female counterparts and family honest upon us. To keep it all the way honest and real go even further, no meaning to bring up race, due to the fact that it doesn't always have to an element brought up in the picture, but it's a very popular epidemic with us black men on the terms of the fact that a lot of us have an issue with obsession on the terms of being strong and hyper-masculine and like to hide who we really are behind this alpha-male masculine persona, again even though men in general do it.

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