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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Teenage Pregnancy: Does It Affect Boys As Much As It Affects Girls?

When it comes to the topic of teenage pregnancy knowing that it's a bit of controversial topic for some people to talk about or discuss more rather, I tend to notice that people think that it's a case or sense on where in which being in that situation doesn't have much effect on a teenage boy compared to a teenage girl when the deal is that it does. It can have an effect on a teenage boy on the terms of goals and aims in or towards the future or potential of achieving success in the future, meaning that it will be a where in which, if he does have or had dreams, goals and aims for the future in my mind, in which for some of them in reality isn't the case, he will be distracted or his progress will be slowed down when it comes it, due to the situation he's in, in which is him having a child at a young and early age. In basic terms, he'll have to give off dedication and sacrifice to something other than his dreams or his plan for the future and he will be doing it at the wrong time and point in his life and again, even though yes, the same thing goes for teenage girls, it will effect teenage boys as well. However, the deal is that we don't focus on the fact that it will effect teenage boys.Instead, we tend to put more focus and attention on the fact that it affects teenage girls rather than teenage boys. The deal with teenage girls is has effect on more both a physical and psychological scale rather than teenage boys when it comes to teenage pregnancy  Boys might have it slightly easier in some instances.

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