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Monday, 30 January 2017

Sacrifice For Success: Are People Afraid To Sacrifice For Success?

When it comes to achieving success, achieving a goal, aim or objective, or having dreams and visions, the number one thing that all of us as human beings are scared of the most and the number one thing that frightens us as human beings the most is the case and element of sacrifice. With a lot of us human beings, we're too scared, frightened and afraid of giving up something that we love so much and that we hold dear to ourselves or our hearts so much for the sake of getting a certain benefit that could be better or advantageous for us. That's the reason why everyone is scared, frightened and afraid of sacrifice so much and that is the reason why it brings fear to people or the average person when people hear the term "sacrifice" people are too in love with everything that they have in life and people hold what they have in life too dear to themselves. So when it comes to that or what happens with that is that, people, instead of sacrificing, will try to balance everything in their lives and try to put all things into one accord but for majority of people, it doesn't work or it fails. They realize that they have to sacrifice and they realize that something has to give up but they won't let it.

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