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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Men & Money In Relationships - "Providing For A Woman" vs. "Spending Money On A Woman". Big Difference

When it comes to the terms of money in relationships, knowing that it's a important factor for relationships and marriage ad even though this can apply to people in general with that including women, I tend to notice that a lot of people, us men especially and more in particular tend to get the terms "Providing For A Woman" and "Spending Money On Woman" mixed up and confused and people tend to think that they mean the same thing when the deal is that there's a difference between the two.

When you're providing for a woman, it's the case of where you are giving a woman money or other things only if and when it's necessary and essential for her for the sake of dealing with a certain situation or circumstance, regardless of whether it's involved in the relationship or not. E.g. Let’s just say that your spouse or significant other whether it's the case of it being girlfriend or wife or even outside of that context ,on the terms of it being a female friend, female associate or female acquaintance, has an issue of where her phone bill is about to come up in need of being paid and for some reason, due to certain circumstances, she can’t pay it directly, so what she does is knowing you as her man or her male partner and knowing you have money,  comes up to you as her man and asks you to give her money so that she can pay the bill directly and in the end you do give money to her so that she can pay the bill. In that situation, you’re providing for her because the money is going directly to her and it’s for an important situation and circumstance.

However, when you're spending money on a woman, you're disbursing your money on her for entertainment purposes or for her personal pleasure. E.G. Let’s say that as a one-off or as a way of spending time together, you and your girlfriend, you and your wife or you and your female friend choose to go for a meal and choose to see a film. When it comes to the meal, you choose to pay for her because it’s good if you be generous and you think it’s the best and right thing to do as a one-off. When it comes to the film tickets you do the same thing in the same manner. In that case, you’re spending money on her because the money is for her and it’s for entertainment purposes.With this, you’ll see this within dating a lot and it’s similar to the aspect of dating,on the terms of how you’ll hear some, if not a lot of women talk about how they prefer it if a man were to pay for them and spend money on them on dates

When giving an analysis or evaluation on this,on the terms of the similarities and differences, the one thing that both the terms have in common is that the money being dealt with is being dealt with for her. However, with the differences, other than the situation or entertainment, in which I just talked about, another difference is based on the fact with one term, the way the money is being given is direct towards the woman while in the other situation, the money is being indirected for her on the terms of the way it’s spent.

From an overall conclusion standpoint, on the terms of what is better to have or more important in a relationship, I think to a lot of people that will obvious and a lot of people would agree with me on the fact being able to provide for a woman is more important for a relationship more rather than just spending money on her, due to the fact that that’s going to keep the relationship steady or stabilize the relationship financially, since that is what a lot of women will say that want any way. It's also the case of where in which, when you look at it on the terms of sequence, if you are financially stable in a relationship, when it comes to the terms of relaxation or entertainment within a relationship, they are going to be times to where in which you are tempted to spend money when it comes to doing entertainment-based things, but in order to do that, you need to make sure that first yourself are stable on the terms of your finances or income with that relating back to being employed, having a job, a career or profession.

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