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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Men & Dating: Why Do We Offer To Pay For Women on Dates?


  1. When it comes to the terms of dating, knowing that a lot of people use it as the training or testing ground for an option or potential choice of a partner for a relationship or so that they can get to know a person better for the sake of seeing if they are compatible for them on the terms of a relationship, and also knowing that it does get discussed however not as much as relationships, there is an epidemic of where in which, when money in particular is discussed, looking at it from a gender standpoint, there is a little ongoing debate about who should pay whether it being all on the man or all on the woman or both contribute 50% to the table. However, other than that, looking at it specifically on the case of when men do it, especially if it's the case of where they're doing it very generously, there are some women that question the purpose of us doing it or why we do it. In this video, I'm going to be explaining the reason of why some of us men offer to pay for women on dates. Hope You Enjoy

  2. Men pay for the dates because it's a matter of respect that's why now once the relationship continues then yes thecwoman can pay for the date as well

    1. True, but it's more so the case of where in which we want to show women that we can provide for them. That's why we pay


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