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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Marriage - Reasons Why Some People Aren't Open Towards It

When it comes to the terms of marriage, there are some people out there that feel as if being married isn't for them. With that, even though there are many reasons as to why that is, I think a contribution to that is based on their character and personality, not based on the fact that they're not a good person, because more likely they are, but more so based off the fact that when you look at them,speak to them and get to know them as a person, you wouldn't really expect them to be that type of person that would suit and be comfortable with marriage. With them, they're the type of person that even though they don't feel as if marriage is for them, they don't have an issue with it overall and if it's the case of where marriage hit journey them next in life, they would settle down for it if it's with the right person or a person that they really like in general. On the terms of gender from my experience, I've seen men deal with this more rather than women due to the fact with women, they have this tendency of not wanting to be lonely for a certain or long period of time rather than MEN due to the fact that at some point they want protection and security during the aspect of feeling lonely.

Other reasons why some people aren't open to marriage

1. They are too concentrated or focused on their dreams or goals or profession or career or they are very successful and at the peak of their career or profession and they think that settling down by getting married and having children will just mess that up or just slow their progress down

2. Negative or bad personal experiences with the opposite gender, whether it’s in relationships, friendships or just on an associate level.

3.Are afraid of getting in it due to what they see other people going through due to being in it

4. They are afraid of the responsibility of parenthood, starting a family and children upbringing

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