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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Loneliness & Being Alone: The Good Side vs. The Bad Side

When it comes to the terms loneliness, being alone or walking down the lonely road for better phrase, people, society and the world portrays it out as if being alone is a bad thing or in other instances and other cases, the world puts too much attention and focus on the bad side of being alone rather than seeing the good side of it, because believe it or not there is with that being that being alone or walking down the lonely run of life can help you stay focused, driven, determined and disciplined in a lot of things in life, whether it comes to school, job, work, family or even when it comes to things such as health, diet and exercise. It can help you clear your mind of all the drama and stress that you deal with on a certain basis. It can also give you that sense of self-control and independence and make and transform you into a leader. What people and society, teenagers and young children especially and more in particular, need to do is get out of that mind-set of thinking that having a bunch or group of friends is going to make their self-esteem boost, increase or get better even though in some cases that is true if it's the case of where in which you're hanging around or socializing with people who are like you or people that you have a lot in common with on the terms of whether it be your personality and character, hobbies and interests or mind-set and beliefs, truth of the matter is that having a bunch of friends or in more formal terms having a very active and fulfilled "social life" can come with way too much drama and stress as well as difficult times and hardships can come to a person in the form of following the wrong crowd or as a result of having the wrong array or fray of people into your life. It’s also the case of where when it comes to having goals and aims for achieving success in life, at times, distractions for that can come in the form of having too many friends.

However, looking at it on the other side of things, if I were to be personally real and honest, with a contribution factor being me also experiencing this, I have to admit that there is a bad side towards being alone and there are some flaws that it has, with that being that, speaking from a psychological or deeper and spiritual standpoint even, when it comes to being alone or walking down the lonely road of life, especially and more in particular of it being the case of where in which you are alone for too long due to the fact that at the same time, just like with having friends or having a social life and social circle, there should be limits to it or a balance to it when it’s necessary,  it is a mental battle and fight that you are going to have to go through, due to the fact that your mind is the most active in thought process when you’re alone a lot of the time. It’s also the case of where in which you are literally more vulnerable to mental or sometimes, emotional attack with that coming through the form of bad thoughts being triggered when you’re alone, especially if it’s the case of where you are over-thinking or tends to be that person that is an over or negative thinker in a lot of situations. This can then lead to the case of where in which some people start to feel things such as being depressed or feeling angry and miserable, or feeling worried and anxious most of the time if not all the time or lead people into mental health stigmas with things such as depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, even though there are other contribution factors to that as well. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the mental health community in general, with people who are dealing with mental health issues such as depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, a contribution or leverage to the reason of why they are the way they are is because of the fact that they were alone for too long and a lot of the times they are in that position of where they’re isolated and to themselves a lot of the times. That shows you the impact that being alone has on you mentally.

Going in a bit more depth with the aspect of mental health, again when it comes to the terms of people who have mental health issues, not necessarily with all of them but some of them, it’s the case of where in which due to them being alone and isolated for so long, a resulting issue that tends to start happening or that can happen is the case of where in which they start to become too attached or too clingy to people of their liking and personal preference once people are in their personal circumference and especially if it’s the case of where in which the people who they are very clingy with were passionate and kind enough to help them with the issues that they go through on a certain basis with that being an adding element and contribution factor to it. To go beyond that, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a group of people that they are attached to with that being that it can be one person that they are attached to, and in a lot of cases it is just one person that they’re attached to, meaning that as soon as one person of their liking and personal preference comes into their inner circle, they will become too attached or clingy towards them, even though to a degree, that is the nature of us human beings in general, if you were to be honest, on the terms of the fact that when we go to certain place and meet new people and when we get the chance to associate ourselves with people with traits that seem appealing or interesting, we become more interested on the terms of talking to them and spending time with them and then from there start to form friendships or relationships with them.

However, going back to mental health, it could in some cases from an insecurity complex, in which it is but not all the time with some of them, or in other cases, an act of desperation, or as a matter of fact both of the terms of the fact a lot of times, that is what insecure people do, with that being that they are desperate for the social presence of people.

Applying this to relationships, when you're alone and at the verge of starting to experience loneliness, if you're that type of person that has a lot to give and offer, that is the main time of where in which you'll be willing to help other people be successful. Also, when it comes to a relationship, a lot of people get in for the sake of trying to avoid loneliness. However, it’s more hard-hitting when you want to get in one for the sake of avoiding being tedious when it comes to being successful and having nobody to share and celebrate your success with.

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