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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Failure vs. Success At Attempts. What Are The Real & True Ending Result & Benefits

When it comes to succeeding at things, failing at things and doing things at certain attempts, even though this is arguable and debatable and some people may disagree with it, I tend to notice that there tends to be a difference on the terms of the real and true ending result or ending benefit of people who fail ta certain attempts and people who succeed, with that being with people who fail at certain attempts whether it be their first, second third attempt or so on and so forth before the actual moment of where​ they succeed, a lot of times the real and true or end benefit for them is that a lot of them develop in-depth knowledge of things, a lot of them have wisdom, a lot of them are good at speaking the truth on a lot of things a lot of them are good at being observant analytical and critical rather than with people who continuously or consistently achieve success after every single attempt without even failing once, a lot of them just work off of memory in which isn't always useful in certain situations, more rather than grabbing full knowledge and understanding of things like people who fail at certain attempts. After they succeed and move on, with some of them if not a lot of them, a lot of the time they tend to let the success get to their head and because of that will forget things that they've learned rather than people who fail at certain attempts who will more likely retain what they've learned due to them going back and trying again in order to succeed. Also, another thing is that with a lot of people who continue to succeed a constant rate when it comes to  attempts, they're just good at inspiring you and motivating you, in which again isn't a bad thing however isn't good enough or won't be good enough at times where you need guidance on specific things. This is the reason of why people say that you're at a better advantage if you fail at a first attempt rather than succeed at a first and this is the reason of why people say that the first step to real and true success is failing due to the fact that tends to be the special ending benefit   or ending result of it. When it comes going a bit more in depth with one of those end results or ending benefit, other than it being made to humble yourself, in which is something that you'll hear a lot of people talk about when it comes to humility, another thing about fail that makes it beneficial in some cases is that it can slow your process of life down. When it comes to success, one disadvantage thing about success, with this being something that a lot of people tend to not come into reality with even though some people do know this, is that when or if you achieve it continuously, it very capable of rushes your process of life and causes your paste of life to go to go to fast if not careful

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