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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Does A Man's Success Have A Lot To Do With Type Of Woman He Chooses To Be In His Life?

When it comes to the terms of success and achieving it, more so from a man's perspective, there are some people that say that a man's success has a lot to deal with the type of woman he chooses to be in his life, more so on the terms of a relationship with or get married to more rather than family whether that being a relative such as his mother, sisters, grandmother, aunt or anybody else in which can be strong, virtuous and influences on the terms of a man achieving success in life. To counter-argue that, the deal with that is that that is not always the case. Anybody's success, regardless and irrespective of gender or sex, with that meaning man or woman, is more based on there mindset and their ability to focus, willingness to dedicate, be determined, driven and sacrifice themselves or sacrifice what's necessary to achieve what they want. Besides, going back to that statement, again looking at it from a gender standpoint, even though, yes a woman can be the backbone support of a man's success, just as much and at the same time even though some people might disagree with this or possibly offended by this with no intention to disrespect, a woman can be the roadblock to a man's success  whether it's on the terms of him being with the wrong one due to her being unsupportive, unfaithful, unloyal or her not understanding a man's dream, goals, visions and aims or him being with the right one but at the wrong time with that case meaning that it's more so the relationship being a barrier and stopping block  or it being the thing that thing that slows you down, rather than the woman herself, but it's also the case of where now, finding a woman who is willing to support you as a man and go the distance with you is starting to become rare now, in my honest opinion since we live in a society to where women don't give men any respect anymore. It's only the case of where women will support and go the distance for a man who has already achieved success on his own,  due to the fact that it's possible and due to the fact that that is the doctrine and philosophy that women are taught when it comes to relationships, with that being that when you get with a man with success, you get with the one who's already achieved success, not with the man who is on the route or journey of achieving success, even though now it's a case of you have a lot of women starting to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that isn't the best solution to being in a successful relationship with a man who is successful, but in reality, that support and going the distance with him is a front and cover-up for the fact that she wants something out of his success for herself and herself only and she is just using him just for his success.

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